Chp. 17 ~ Q&A with Dinner

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Connor's Pov

I sat in the first chair and everyone else sat in their days of the week. I grabbed my pen and got ready. I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked and it was Ricky.

"Yeah?' I asked

"Is Heaven mad at us?' He asked

"very" i stated

"We wanna tell her sorry" He said

"She won't forgive you" I sighed

"Please Connor" Ricky said

"She won't. She doesn't even know if she wants to be friends with you guys anymore" i shrygged

"Okay, we just wanna talk" ricky said

'how bout after vicon?' i asked

"yeah, day after everything?' Ricky said

'yeah, Ill try to ask her if she wants to talk" I said

'Thanks Connor" he smiled

"Anytime Sticky ricky" i laughed

I know the guys truly and love Heaven. they just took my side. i hope she'll talk to them.

- hour later -

I've been signing autographs, meeting fans, taking photos and answering fan questions for an hour now. Me and the rest of O2L was on stage, answering fan questions. Heaven joined us since Vidcon thought it was a good idea since everyone loves me and Heaven.

"Hello everyon! We're O2L!" We all said

"Wih me, heaven!" Heaven said

Everyone cheered and smiled. We started to answer some questions. We picked random fans mostly in the back because they were the most excited out of anyone.

"How long have you and Heaven been together?' A fan asked

"Well, maybe around a year and 8 months, right?" i looked at her

"Pretty much, almost 9 months" She nodded

'Got it right!' i cheered

"Awh" Everyone was swooned

"Heave, when did you start youtuber?" Another fan asked

"My friend Joey forced me in maybe 2010 or 2011 and yeah pretty" She smiled

"How many subscribers do you have?' The same fan asked

"About 1.7m, Joey, Shane and Tyler always tried to help me get more subscribers so thank you my perfections" She shouted

'What's your most popular upload!' A guy fan asked

"Boyfriend tag with Connor" She laughed

"Connor. same thing?' the same fan asked

'Actually, yeah, we got over maybe like 6m views like holy shit" i laughed

"Heaven., did Connor help you with the subscribers?" A fan asked

"Not really, I collabed with joey and Tyler alot and people really liked our friendship so their subscribers kinda subcribed to me. me and Connor hardly did any video but a lot of his fans subcribed so thank you if you did, i love you!" She did a air hug

I laughed as everyone did the same. We went on with the fan questions but had to end due to the next group of youtubers having to do another fan questions. We waved good bye and left the stage and walked for a while. 

"Wanna go out tonight?' i asked

'Where?' She smiled

'i don't know, i just want a nice romantic date with you" I pulled her closer to me

'i heard there was a nice cafe around here, has god pasta, sandwiches and pizzas" She side hugged me

"Is it a date then?' i smiled

'Connor, shut up" She laughed

' wanna know" I smiled

"yes, a date" She rolled her eyes playfully

"Okay then, Maybe, 7 pm?" I said

'& and be ready, i know where you sleep" She winked

She walked out of my arms and went back to her table. She turned back and smirked as i stared at her as she walked off. She turned the corner of the curtain and she disappeared.

'Sometimes, you guys are gross" trevor said

'Shut up trev" i laughed

i ruffled his hair and we went back to our table and satr down. I looked at heaven and she was talking to Lia, they kept laughing. I was curious about what they were saying tbh.

- later that night, 6:30 pm -

Me and heaven were back in the hotel room. i changed into some demin skinny jeans with my black vans and my white t-shirt with a black blazer. i styled my hair into a quiff. 

"Connor" I heard heaven's voice

'yeah?" i said

'how do i look?" She asked

I turned around and saw her in black pencil skirt, white loose t=shirt tyhat's tuck in with her black converse. She looked beautiful.

"You look beautiful" i blurted out

'thank you' She blushed

"You're so beautiful" i said

"Connor, you just sai that" She smiled

'I know but I couldn't help but saying it again" I smiled shyly

She walked towards me and kissed me softly on the lips but it was some what passionate. it felt like spark went through the roof, biutterflies swraming into your stomach and your just melt into the kiss. it was like that and i love it

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