Tirea's P.O.V

*Alarm Clock Rings *

Alarm Clock :Dont You Know Your Beautiful . If Only You Saw What I Can See.You Understand...

Me: Yeah Stfu .

*I Slam The Snoozed Button , Then Hop Out of Bed *

I have to get use to this "morning thing " I Take A Quick Shower , Brush my teeth , and Curl The Ends Of My Hair .

My Phone Buzzed

*1 New Notification *

Bae💕: Goodmorning , Tirea Have A Great Day In School !

Ugh He Sounds like my dad , well at least my dad say love you . Niall was starting To Get On My Nerves Never texting Back and When He Do its only a sentence sometimes a word even a letter k . Zayn Still Text Me Like a Faithful Person . It's been like a month since they left for tour and Niall Says he's always busy and cant text and facetime me everyday but i see he's on twitter . Sometimes I don't even try anymore . It finally Got Out To The Public About 2 weeks ago that me and Niall Are a Thing . I just Hope that at school fan girls wont torture me and i can have actual friends and not people that want to use me to meet 1D .

*Clock Reads 6:55 *

Ohh Man . School Starts at 8:00 and It Takes about 40 minutes to get there ugh . I Put on My Blue bleached skinnies , a pair of air jordan 5's Firey red , A red Mickey mouse Sweatshirt , a gold 23 chain (Niall Sent Me ) , a red and gold mickey mouse watch , and a little red bow in my hair .

Dang I Look Good *Staring In The Mirror *

*Clock reads 7:05*

Omg i Need To hurry Up before im late to school i grab My Phone , money , and purse . Then walk out the door sending Niall A Text Back .

Me: Thanks You Too 👌 , Love you 😽💕 .

I Hope He Reply Back As I Get In A Cab . I tell the cab driver where my school is and sit back and listen to my playlist .

---- At School -------

*The First Bell Rings And The Announcements Comes On *

Announcements : Tirea Please Come To The Office.

Ugh , my first day of school and I'm already Meeting the principal . I walk to The principal office i hope I'm not in trouble because i didn't do anything yet well except being late for school . I Open the office door and is greeted by the principal .

Principal: Hi Tirea . My name is principal Richard .

*He Shakes My hand Really Fast *

Me: Hi Principal Richard. Excuse me but why I'm i here ?

Principal: Well Tirea Your Not in Trouble or Anything but i notice your a new student and Don't Know where any of your classes are so I Have Melanie Here To Assist you .

*He Points To A Red hair Girl With Hazel Eyes *

Have she been here the whole time ?

Melanie : Hi my name is Melanie as you already know and i'll help you find your classes .

*She Gives Me A Smile *

Me: Oh Thats Nice And My Name Tirea .

Principal : Well you two Best To Be Going .

*Me And Melanie Walks Out The Office *

Melanie : Your Fast Look Really Familiar . I saw it somewhere before . I just Cant remember .

Me:Oh .

Melanie : Oh yeah , YOUR NIALL HORAN'S GIRLFRIEND ! Omg !

Me: Yeah That's Me .

Melanie : Wow I Can't Believe you go here .

*I Had A Worried Look On My face *

I hope She Wanted to be my friend for me and not because i go with Niall .

Melanie : Don't Worry im Not Going To terrorized you with questions. I'm Not A Big fan of 1D . Now show me your schedule .

*I Hand Melanie My Schedule *

Melanie: Omg ! We Have All The Same Classes . Thats Nice .

Me: Thats Cool . We Better Get to class Its getting really late .

Melanie : Yeah Lets Go .

----In Class -----------

I Sat Beside Melanie And Heard Phones Clicking And A lot of whispering . I bet i was the trending topic on Twitter Right Now .

Melanie : Don't Worry About All That . I Should've warned you the girls here are major 1D Fans .

Me: It's ok . Where Are Your Friends .

Melanie : Well I only Hang With 3 Major Girls Last year And They All Move to Miami This Year .

She Had A Sad Look On Her Face .

Me: Aww. Well Do you still Talk To Them .

Melanie : Yeah Duh Facetime All The Way or Twitter .

Me: Haha Thats Nice .

Melanie : You Should Follow Me On twitter And I need your Number .

Me: Umm Why ?

Melanie : Because I Know Were Going to besties . Duh .

Me: Ok . I Tell Melanie My Number And We Follow each other on Twitter .


---- At Home ----

After School And Work Im Exhausted I Lay On My Bed And Stares At The Ceiling .

*1 New Notification *

@x_Mel_x Tweeted : @x_tireaaa Tomorrow Were Taking Unlimited Pictures So Look Hot . Well you Already Do So Do what You do . 😂👌

I Hope Melanie Was Really My Friend And Not using Me But she seems nice . She the only Person Who Spoke to Me Today Everyone Else Was too Scared Or Jelly . At school Everyone Adores Mel Like She Famous . She's Mad Popular I think Her And The Girls Last Year Were The Thing At School .

I Tweet Back .

@x_Mel_x Thanks You Too . And Since When Do People Have Photo Shoots At school On A TUESDAY ?!



Melanie Favorite my tweet and comment "Yeah Whatever " .

I Check My Messages And See that Niall Read My Message But Didn't Reply . Really ? Smh . Im done I Turn My Phone off and Gets ready for bed .

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