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so this dream was a few nights ago!!!

I was at school, and this world was like my little pony. only the cutie mark thing and you got them on your left cheek.

anyway, I was at school... or home, I dont remember. I remember it being like a small room and I was almost like in outer space or something and some people ask me about my personality and they find out im into ships and tv and stuff and they put a smiley face on my cheek (like the walmart logo only more friendlier.)

So the next day of school is like the first day and I go to my piano class. Only this time its in the 300 hall not in the fine arts building like it normally is in.

anyways, I walk in and sit down and this Chinese dude sits next to me and hes rather small.

so, I dont know why but when he starts playing the piano, I try out doing him and I dont know that many songs but I kept playing the song river flows in you by yirma(I know it in real lifeXD)

Thats really unlike me to show off like that, but in my dream I wanted to show everyone else I was better then them.

anyways the next thing I know im popular or something? idk,

da end!!

this one happened just last night!!!

I was at my house and. ... I don't know, there was some girl there who was a lot like me.

I was hiding im my room from someome named maleficent having to duck behind my bed so no one could see me. and I dont know the girl told me to cut her legs off.

like she had three lines on them going around her legs. one at her ankles, one right at her knee and one in the middle of her shin.

so I got a butter knife and used it to circle around the markings and gradually made dents and she showed no sigh of pain and there was no bleeding.

I asked her why I was doing this and the girl told me that this was so that maleficent person couldnt hurt her.

so to make the process go faster, I began cutting her at her knee, instead of having to go peice by peice.

the next thing I knew I had to go on a bus somewhere and took a butter knife with me continued cutting her and at this point I could see bone.

The girl then told me her life was about to end so she gave me a peice of foam... stuff, like what those foam fingers are made out of but a little thinner, and it had rainbowdash on it and told me to cut it out for her.

So instead of cutting off her legs, I began cutting out the pony but knew what ever I did to the foam the girl could feel it. like it was her skin or something.

then I woke up. THE END!!!

just so you know, I have a great fear of sharp objects and people harming me. that could explain that last dream.

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