Off to Our Rooms

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As usual, it was dinner time when we arrived at Hogwarts. We quickly got into carriages and rode off into the Great Hall as first years were led down to the shore for boats. We had dinner and kids were sorted into their houses; I was back for my fourth year at Hogwarts.

After dinner, I, along with some friends from Hufflepuff, began to leave for the Hufflepuff House down in the basement. Our house was located near the kitchens, so it was easy to access food at night. House elves worked there, but they seemed pretty happy so they were always pleased to help us as long as we were polite to them. This reminded me of the house elves we had back at Tourch Manor; my parents were occasionally rude to them and didn't have much respect for them. I was told that when a master presents a house elf with clothing, then the house elf is free forever; I freed all our house elves and got punished for it, but I felt good to be able to help them. There were times when I wondered how I became part of the Tourch family; our values were never to match up.

We were making our way down into the basement before I heard a voice calling for me, "Viola! Wait, Viola!" 

I turned to my friends and said, "You guys go on first, I'll follow up." I turned towards the voice that was calling me and it was Cedric. He was out of breath and laughed when he stood in front of me trying to catch oxygen.

With the smile on his face disappearing and becoming serious, he says, "Where did you go that night? At the World Cup? You just disappeared."

"Oh, George found me and took me to the port key. Sorry I never told you."

He nods, "I never got the chance to ask you this even after we got home so I was just wondering." After a brief silence, he says in a very serious voice again, "Viola, you know that your parents don't like the Weasleys. It's not good for you to keep staying around them; it's not good for their family too." I stood there quietly staring down at the ground and tried to ignore what Cedric was saying to me. I knew this obviously; I just simply liked being with the Weasleys. They made everything seem possible to do; especially when Fred and George were the ones to do it.

"Decide to find Diggory now Tourch? Tad too late aren't you? Reckon your parents had already heard about it." I looked up past Cedric and there was Draco; he was standing in the corridor looking down at us on the stairs.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed Cedric's arm, "Come on." As I drag him down the steps into the basement, the sound of laughter and cheers begin to fill the corridor. Cedric and I both climb back up the stairs to see what was going on up there again. We squeezed our way into the front and see that Draco was being chased by multiple red colored fireworks. Fred and George were standing at the front of a big crowd laughing and screaming at the top of their lungs. Draco ran until the end of the corridor before turning around and moving out of the way; the fireworks hit the walls right next to him and explodes with a loud BOOM!

He looks over to the twins and yell out, "My father will hear about this! Then we'll see if you ever dare to this again Weasley!"

"Don't think we won't dare Malfoy!" George screamed back.

Fred laughs and takes out a little object from his pocket and tosses it towards Draco which also turns into another multiple red spark. Draco's face displays terror and he runs off followed by Crabbe and Goyle. Students hovering around cheer and circle around the twins as Draco leaves. The twins bow and take in all the appreciation being presented to them. Even Cedric and I laugh and clap along with everyone else.

"What's going on over there?!" Professor Flich's voice came from down the hall causing all the students to run in all sorts of directions and hurry off into their own house. I watch as everyone, including Fred and George,  scurries away before deciding to also hurry to the Hufflepuff room before I get in trouble.

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