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Kayla pov

So it was Monday and I was jus at the office and doing some work wen my phone rung I looked at the caller Id and it was a number I didn't see before so I answered it

??-hello is this Kayla

Kayla -yes this is her and who's this

??-this is Josline

Kayla -omg I miss u so much

J- I miss u to but I have to talk to u

Kayla-about what girl

J-august he performing in Nola and the whole squad is gon be there we go every year but we never get in contact wit u so this year we want u to go

Kayla- omg u kno I had a crush on august this whole time I'm so nervous but I'm down

J- ok we'll see u this Friday

K-aight bye love you

And then I hung up

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