Hai I'm ranting about the directioner fandom.

Elounor shippers - I ship Elounor. Yes I do. But I don't tell people to kill themselves. I don't go that far. -MOVING ON- . I don't know why the fuck do we get so much hate by Larry shippers. Like obviously we would send hate back and if you stop writing back, WE THINK YOU HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO SAY CAUSE YOU JUST GOT OWNED AND WE WON THE FIGHT. So please stop sending hate to us and Eleanor. I'm sorry if we're mean and Eleanor is. Us shippers we defend our ultimate ship with foul language. And if you were getting hate from dating someone everyone likes wouldn't YOU be sassy and won't have some crazy jealous fan bring down your self-esteem. Yeah you would be sassy.

Larry Shippers - as some people call this fandom: deluded : I think. They should like, stop starting fucking brawls when a Elounor shipper disses Larry and say that they don't ship Larry. DONT TAKE IT FUCKING SERIOUS. And then they fucking be like: "I have proof that Larry is real. And what proof do you have those photoshop pictures.Liars. Have proof of something if you gonna ship it hard." Nigga sit da fuck down. We don't care about you or your logic. We just fucking care about the band and finding out if they're still together (Eleanor & Louis). Damn, it's like having fights with Kendall Jenner after she pounced her ass on Harry now she trying to pounce on Ashton. Like, shut up and eat a cookie or something. He not interested boo. That's why Harry pushed yo fucking ass off the ski lift into the snow. He didn't fucking like you. If he didn't like you, why do you think Ashton would. I'm such a loser. -END OF RANT-

c('-')c c('-')c c('-')c c('-')c c('-')c

-hugging chain- -hugging chain-

Sorry to break the truth to you. But when I say that, I don't really mean it, why should I apologize for my big mouth talking the truth?. I shouldn't. I won't please you. If my big mouth want to talk I grab my iPod and write it on this page which was once blank but now full with thousands of words. My big mouth wants to talk. So I let it talk by tapping my keyboard on my iPod spelling out all the words. Gotta stop my arms are getting cramped from holding it up so I could write.

-Katy (call me kitty Katt or just Katt)

Here to speak da truth.

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