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I heard nothing.

Yes. I heard nothing.

The winds must have stolen your voice.

The night came creeping like shadows.

The fear must have left you no choice,

and I know this is true,

because the thought of you

leaving without a goodbye

from your lips is too much

for the heart to refrain

from just going insane,

and just hating you

a little too much.

I love you.

Yes. I said that I love you,

but that love's growing smaller, I'd say,

and there will soon be a time

when you're no longer in mind,

but a shadow on a cool, cloudy day.

I resent you.

Yes. I said I resent you.

You gave me the world,

and you opened my eyes,

and the dream from which I awoke

on the day that we spoke

proved that your truth hurts

much more than my lies.

I'll forgive you.

They say I'll forgive you,

and it will be freeing, you see,

but they don't really know

when the pain will just go,

so it's back to the dreams, now, for me.

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