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new day.....everything feels sooo good yayyiieee....i got that on my head i can see everyone packing...bikes....racess.....speed fuunnn wowwiieee it was all in my head.....we always kept diuin this every years its been since am 13 am so use to this routine ofcourse they dint wake me only der was up here to wake me cuz the only thing i could help with is his packing  the food and dreesing up was always so not my thing i know i had to inform ryl about goin he wouldnt object i better make a call its been long 15 hours of not listen to this so blessed heavinly voice....

''....ringing...yessshhh sweetheart...the holyfuckinamazingvoice ring into my ears i wish i could tell him how i l keep these words forever how i cant forget any word he spoke he was the most amazing thing in my life i know id been saying this since forever now but how can you stop calling someone amazing if they are i knew like everything about this very person just exactly everything who all were are and what they meant to him in his life just exactly dont know what am i to be if  he looked into my eyes he would find the world set for him....all he wanted is me never changing me happy me smiling me however i am why would i not want him those kisses have been awesome because they got exchanged thrue the yes a thousand times before the both of are souls met i only know all of me belongs to him forever no matter what life would get am sure no one can seperate us....

''this is telephone service the other side, talk my lady,,,oooppss i was so lost,i squeeked...hahah hell you were,,,,wazzzuuuppp swetie pie...he sang like haha,

yes realyy ryl? drunk? your calling he swetiepie how yuck is that ok sorry sweetheart sound romantic right?he said

yes, ofcourse that will do da...i said 

umm huumm da...someones in a romantic mood...

oh shut up...i love you always...i said like so real wish he so knew how much...

he was like the only person i knew everything about told everything too watched the kkrrazzziiiesssttt videos with shopped the most secretive things with and had the time of my life with....hello lost again am waiting here?

ohh yessh yyesshh i called to say am goin on a bike race n will be back in two day...

okay make sure you text and give  a call when you reach and once you come back? he orderd

yessshhh love i wil...i accepted the command 

okay ill hang up now am goin to chleeeppp...he said 

okay love sleep well...i love you most '

hahahha bitch please i love you more you know that...he squeeled

yes ofcourse you do hahahah

two body one soul let it just be equal he said,,,,,i so wish i said bymistake and ofcourse he heard


nothing hahahah just...!! okay bye then i love you most...


small chapter no time to update il try soonest possible love yuuu reader btw good things cumin to and end der a hell lot now!!! keep reading and inbox me the question i dont mind @nidhi ur welcome il answer your question the story goes on.....and am ok will all kinda questions thankyou!


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