Stay With Me

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 into James skin was different to say the least, when he tried to scream out I had covered his mouth.I waited once I pulled back from his skin,and watched as he slowed slip into a slumber.I sighed when his eyes close.I turned to Kelly who looked away.

"Kelly baby."

"I can't Ash you know I can't."

"You can please I'm begging yo-" There was a knock on the door I huffed some women walked in with some flowers she kissed Kelly I sighed

"How's is he babe?'

"He's doing better." I wanted to say because of me but I kept my mouth shut

"Oh who are you?"I glanced at Kelly who bite her lip I smiled shaking the random women's hand

"Ashley Ashley Williams I'm a friend of James."The women seemed surprised

"Special friend?"I laughed at how wrong she was

"Somewhat he was suppose to move in before this happened."

"So you guys were like serious huh?"

"You can say that I never got your name."

"Sorry its Jennifer Jenkins."We heard a groan all of our eyes snapped to James. I sat on the bed he let out a chuckle.

"Claiming your spot?" I rolled my eyes pushing his arm he chuckled

"Whatever punk."James put his hands over his heart

"You wound me Ash."

"I know you didn't forget your little sister."I could hear the playfulness in her voice

"Well Ash m-"Kelly hit him upside the head

"You suck James."

"Come on Kelly Ash does make everything better for everyone well for me."

"Well thanks James.''

''Anyway James I want you to meet my fiance Jennifer this is my brother James and Ash."James raised an eyebrow at me then looked at Kelly with a sideways glance.

"Um nice to meet you this is a huge surprise."

"Actually your father arranged this whole thing." James frown he tried to sit up but I placed a hand on his shoulder giving him a threatening look.

"Can you two give us a minute please?"Jennifer nodded Kelly was about to say no but Jennifer pulled her out. "Don't say anything about me and Kelly James."

"She doesn't know?"



"So I'm going to New York in a couple of days for a interview so you will be staying with your sister once I'm back your moving in with me got it?"

"Wwwwhhhhyyy?" James whined I chuckled

"Because your a new werewolf with emotional problems and new strength I need to teach you what you need to know to as for my Beta you need to know how to protect yourself your mate and your pack once I get more members and shit." James smiled


"Its like when your world turns upside down its fucked up at times but you have to bite your mate to complete the bond but you can break the bond also but that's for another day."

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