Chapter 1

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   I woke up with a blinding light in my eyes. I looked around. I was wearing batman pajamas and my hair was in a messy donut bun. I searched around for my journal as my anxiety butterflies roamed. The room smelled like a faint Saturday morning breakfast, (even though it was Monday) and as I walked down the stairs, the aroma stuck. As for my journal, it had nothing written in it or any signs of being read. I grabbed a fork from the creaky silverware drawer, along with a plate of scrambled eggs. My father smiled at me and helped my younger siblings with their servings. You could almost call us a perfect family. Almost. Nobody mentioned Maciey's visit at all. My step mother's footsteps haunted the stairs themselves as she walked down.

   She crawled down the stairs in her green skin, a devilish crooked smile on her face. Half of her teeth were gone, her eyes were slits, and claws extended from her blood-smeared hands. A tail poked out behind her, as she flicked her snake tounge at me. She truly was scary... Maybe not that scary, but the description fills the spot perfectly. And even she didn't mention Maciey.

   It was an awkward breakfast, and once it was done, I ran upstairs. What had happen with Maciey when she came over? Did she really kiss me? When did I get pajamas on? Thoughts swam as fast as the crazy bubbles in my stomach. What if it was all just a dream? What if Maciey never really came over? I couldn't understand. Then it hit me. I was dreaming. Of course, how in the world would everything go my way for once? I mean, come on, my stepmother was being nice. Just that would be a miracle.


I glanced at my alarm clock. 6:57am. I rushed to get ready by 7. I slipped on a black Of Mice and Men symboled t-shirt, with ripped black skinnies. My blue hair was straightened and plastered to my face, and my arms were covered in thick rubber bracelets. I grabbed my black and white backpack, fixed my eyeliner, and walked out of the house, stubbing the sole of my Vans on the concrete.

   "Hey, hurry up you loser," a girl with a hot pink ponytail yelled out the bus window. "Jeez Aries, shut up and stop embarrassing me," I mumbled back at her. Aries smiled, and stuck her tounge at me. I glared at her. She has always been crazy and stubborn since we met in the Fourth grade. I ran up the bus steps, and quickly sat in the rock solid gray seats. Aries chatted the whole way expecting me to listen, but I had already plugged in my earbuds. Thoughts of Maciey swarmed in my mind as lyrics of Caraphernelia by Pierce The Veil blared in my ears.

   The world in my dreams compared no way to the actual world. There isn't any riding into the sunset with your beloved, there aren't little rainbows that speckle the sky, and there is no such thing as a perfect ending. The truth? Life is hard. It's going to stab you in the back, and it's going to create unbearable pains and scars as you go along. And it's hard to deal with it.

   I entered the doors of a worn red brick building, prison- I mean school. I'm not a talkative, creative person like Aries. I'm more of a 'stay-quiet-and-keep-a-low-profile-or-else-you-will-die' kind of girl. When I walked into my first class, Maciey was there, her perfect smile showing. The boy that was in my dream, Alex, saw me walk in, but didn't look at me for the rest of class.

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