Chapter 2

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Ty's pov

Adam was coming to stay....

My best friend...

They guy I have a crush on....

He would be here...

With me...


I need to fricken clean this house!

-time skip where we do the Harlem shake and throw budder everywhere-

It's been a couple hours. Adam just texted me saying his plane landed. So I decided not to be an ass and drive out and pick him up.

After about 20 minutes I arrived at the airport. I check my phone when all the sudden I get tackled. Next thing I know I'm on the ground with Adam on top of me...Of corse he's on top...( ;) awww Ty's a sly mofo. Or am I? ) I can feel my face turning a new shade of pink.

"Hey bud" I say giving a genuine smile.

"Hey Ty" he said as he got off of me. He held out a hand to help me up. I blushed a little but took it anyways.

"You ready to go to my mansion?" I say

"YOU HAVE A FRICKEN MANSION?!?" He screams causing multiple glances from the surrounding crowd.

"I wish." I say with a chuckle.

"What are we waiting for? les goooo!" he says as he runs off. Such a child at heart. That's something I love about him.

"Wait Adam! You don't know where your going!" I yell chasing after him.

This is going to be an awesome adventure.

Me and him.


Fate better not fuck this up.

Fate. It's been a bitch.

Hey guys. That's chapter two. To be completely honest. I didn't think anyone would actually like this. I never really thought I was that creative. My friends say I'm creative with my drawings but to be honest. I swear they just say that. But anyways. Thanks for any support given. It means a ton! If you enjoyed leave a vote and follow for more! I would love to know your opinion so leave a comment! Until chapter 3! Goodbye my fluffy tigers! 🐯

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