(Alison POV)

"Emily!" I screamed as we tried to break in the cabin. All the windows were shut, with blocks of wood covering them. I tried to get them off but they were nailed shut.

As soon as the boys came over, Toby had a axe in his hands and began to break the door. We heard someone running inside.

"Emily!?" We screamed, but nothing. Toby managed to break the door and we stormed inside screaming Emily's name.

Me and the girls ran together looking for her, as the boys split and looked for the maniac who took Emily. My heart was beating fast, my palms got sweaty, my knees were trembling. All that I thought was that I need to find her and know she's safe.

"Emily!" I screamed again hoping that she'd answer.

(Caleb POV)

Me and Toby ran in other rooms to look for Emily and the bastard who took her. We came across a room where the door was locked as we heard pacing.

"Psst! Toby!" I whispered then signaled the door. He came and began smashing his axe against the doorknob, as soon as we opened it, there he was. Sitting on a chair, he was rocking back and forth, I ran to him and tackled him to the ground screaming,

"You son of a bitch!"

"Caleb!" Toby shouted as he came to me, helping me up. The guy didn't fight back, so I attacked him 'til he wasn't moving anymore.

"C'mon Caleb, he's not going anywhere." Toby pulled me back.

"No! Go look for Emily, I'm tying him up." I said as Toby ran to find the girls and Emily.

(Spencer POV)

We heard Caleb scream as we looked in other rooms. How can a cabin have so many rooms? Alison went bursting into each room until we heard her scream.

"Ali!?" we all ran to the room where she just stood there, leaning on the door, then I looked around the room and there she was. Alison ran up to Emily.

"No! My Em!" she screamed as tears fell from her eyes.

We ran up to her as well, Alison couldn't bare to look at her. Emily was taped to a chair, her hands tied behind her back, blood over her mouth and clothes, unconscious.

Alison cried and screamed as she couldn't look straight at Emily, she couldn't carry herself anymore, she dropped to the ground in front of Em, her face in her hands, she seemed so weak she couldn't even help Emily.

We ran to Alison's side as I screamed for Toby, "Toby! Help!"

He came in the room with Ezra. Toby ran to Emily, took out a knife and cut the tape off, gently taking the tape off her mouth and carried her out.

"Alison, we need to go. We need to take her to a hospital." I cried out trying to pick Alison up. Ezra then came and swept Alison off her feet and carried her out. She didn't move, she just cried.

"Where's Caleb?" Hanna asked as we ran out. She went back inside.

(Hanna POV)

I went back inside to look for Caleb, I started to panic. "Caleb!" I screamed

"In here Hanna." he said as I ran up to look where he was. Then I found him and a man tied up against a chair

"Is that?" I could barely talk, I walked up the man and slapped him right across his face

"That's for Emily, you sick pig!" He didn't budge. I looked at Caleb frightened

"Caleb, is he?" I asked, he didn't look at me, he just stared down at the ground

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