Chapter 15

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Life has a funny way of screwing you up. 

You may think with all the experience you have, all the success you have that you're this better man. When really you're not. 

Sometimes, you just have to let things go and let it unfold on its own. 

After what Louis created, the man definitely deserves a pay raise. Despite the ridiculously short period of time to plan the wedding, he managed to get everything as perfect and as beautiful as it could be. As Harry walked down the aisle, he could feel the pounding of his heart against his chest. People were looking at him with happy looking smiles, taking snaps of the handsome groom on his special day. Harry returns them a soft smile. 

He could see his family beaming proudly at him in the front row. Anne looked beautiful dressed in a nude tulle dress he picked out for her. Harry can't help but still has his mother's words floating in his head. 

The singer shook the thoughts out of his head. 

He was getting married for god's sake. 

Now is not the time to think about another man when you're marrying the love of your life this very moment.

Harry finally reached the altar, gosh it felt like a mile long catwalk. He eyed the pastor, the man he knew since he was a kid suddenly looked super intimidating. The hooded brown eyes starred at him like he knew his darkest secret. Harry felt the man was starring into his soul. 

"And now, please stand for the groom Zayn Malik" 

On Louis' cue, the entire room raised from their seats and faced the entrance of the tent. Harry could feel his heart almost bursting out of his chest. Zayn entered looking as handsome as he imagined. His thick raven hair was nicely combed to the side showing off those chiseled features, the scruff was kept at a minimum enhancing his strong jaw. Zayn showed everyone his pearly whites as he made down the aisle.  

Harry felt his breath taken away at the sight of his future husband. 

How can anyone be so handsome. 

Once Zayn reached the altar, Harry mouthed the words 'You look beautiful' to his future husband. 

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Please have a seat!" begun the pastor. 

Harry gave a weird look towards Zayn. He was surprised how quickly the once serious looking pastor suddenly changed 180 and turned into this kind and handsome fellow. 

"Hello dearest family and friends, on behalf of this loving couple, oh and their most important and brilliant friend Louis, I welcome everyone of you to celebrate and support the covenant of the two most annoying people in the world, three time Grammy winning artist Harry Styles and Forbes 200 Businessmen To Watch Under 30 Zayn Malik!"

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