I walk out of my room and head downstairs; dad is still talking to Mr. Parnell. I walk into the living room and sit down next to Adam, he raises an eyebrow at me “what’s wrong with you?” I shake my head.

This whole twin thing sucks, he always knows if there’s something wrong with me. It has always been this way, when we were little some boy punched me and Adam appeared out of nowhere and kicked his ass.

“Don’t go to that party, I heard there are different packs there, we don’t want anything bad to happen to you.” He always says this, he’s usually right but nothing ever happens to me and I’m going to have Connor and Jake there.

I shrug and roll my eyes “Connor and Jake are going to be there with me.” I protest, he sighs and face palms. “You know that Connor will protect me, if you don’t want me to get hurt then why don’t you go?”

He shakes his head and lets out a long sigh; he crosses his arm against his chest. He’s thinking, since I said that he’ll go. “Fine I’ll meet you there, it’s at Vanessa’s house right?” I nod and get up. I walk back upstairs and knock on Jakes door, the door opens to a sleepy Jakes without a shirt on.

“Hey Skylar, come in” I walk in and sit on his bed. He shuts the door and just stares at me trying to wake up; he grabs a shirt and quickly puts it on. “I’m sorry, I fell out, and I didn’t get any sleep on the plane last night” I nod.

I look at the time on my phone, 8:00. “What are you wearing to the party?” he shrugs and gets out his suitcase, he pulls out a black t-shirt, black basketball shorts, Nike socks, and black and white Nike shoes.

“I’ll just wear this” I nod and leave the room. I want Beau and James to go, they can meet new people. I walk up to Beau’s door and put up my hand to knock but the door opens, Beau isn’t wearing a shirt…

I can’t breathe… Sky, just take a deep breath and don’t gawk at him. To late I already am and he starts to smile so I quickly look away. “You can stare all you want baby girl, you can touch too” he says. I roll my eyes and cross my arms.

“I’d rather not, you’re coming to the party” I tell him but he just shuts the door. Well that’s rude; I open the door and walk in. His bag is already empty, so he already put his clothes away. He and Jake brought a lot of clothes so they are staying here for a while.

He sits down on his bed and looks up at me; he clenches his jaw and falls on his back. I just stare at his six pack and bite my lip; I’m going to ride him one day… “You’re demanding I like it” he growls. I shouldn’t be in here.

“God you’re sex-” I stop myself and blush embarrassed. “I meant, you and James need to meet new people, especially you since…” I trail off and he nods understanding what I mean. “So get ready, Connor will be driving us to the party.”

He sits up and shakes his head “help me find something to wear” he says getting off the bed. Everyone has a huge bed, they’re all California Kings. He’s now standing in front of me analyzing my face and body.

I look down and he cups my chin making me look up at him, his blue eyes stare into my brown eyes. He isn’t showing any emotion which I hate, but I don’t think that alphas are supposed to. “Just get a black t-shirt and some pants.”

“Help me baby girl” he says and moves his hand from my chin to my waist. I really like the electric feeling that I’m getting but he’s using it against me. He pulls me closer to his bare chest and I try to slow down my breathing. And I actually like it when he calls me baby girl.

I’m going to lose my virginity to him; at least I hope I do. There’s always that possibility that he might reject me though, fingers crossed that he doesn’t. I want him to rock my world; I bet he’s rocked a lot of girls’ world.

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