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  "You have been disqualified from every test. You are no longer a candidate of this programme. You can pack your bags and leave!", Capital Makyle Jefferson's shrill voice bombed in the infirmary. I sat on the bed where the nurse was nursing me and cleaning my wounds.

  "If it weren't for Dr. Gibbs, I would have kicked you out of the camp the very instant you raised your hand against your superior", I was bored hearing the speech. Dr.Gibbs was the Captain of the Squad Nine, the medical squad and also Heidi's dream department.

  "After the nurse has finished you can go your merry way!" the nurse beside me jumped at the fury. I gave her and apologetic look but she seemed to side the Captain and glared at me for disrespecting a superior. I sighed as the Captain left followed by Dr.Gibbs who had a amusing smile on his face. The nurse finished and I thanked her but it seemed that she didn't need it. I rolled my eyes at her attitude.

  "Anthorian! " I heard a female squeak. I looked at the entrance and saw Heidi's wide eyes filled with worry in them.

  "I heard what happened", she sat beside me and hugged me.

  "Am sure you did. It was fancy seeing the whole examination council staring at the whole drama on the ground", I smiled sarcastically.

  "What happened? "she asked in a low voice.

  "What you heard happened", I sighed. She stopped me from getting up.

  "I have told you that I don't believe everything I heard now spill", she dug her nails gently in my arms. This girl couldn't even hurt a fly.

  "He kept pushing me. He kept yelling and abusing and then he brought my mother into it", I heard Heidi suck a breath in.

  "Well he deserved what you gave him", she smiled at me. "He was an ass to all of us. When he took my tests he called me a toddler and called my d-babies orange lollipops and told me to be a big girl and suck it up", she whimpered. I tried to soothe her by rubbing her back.

  "Am glad you broke his jaw", I barked a laugh.

  "Did I really? I was busy kicking him that I didn't have time to see the damage", she chuckled when I said.

  "You know I would have kicked him where the sun shines but who was I kidding? He would have picked me up and played aeroplane and would have thrown me in the air rather than holding on", she snorted. I laughed.

  "Glad I did pleasantries then", I smiled.

  I heard people running around. Heidi looked outside and there was havoc.

  "What-" before Heidi could finish. We heard a bomb exploded. The whole ground trembled. Heidi tugged into my shirt. He could hear yelling from outside and so I being sprayed in the air. My ears were ringing and I realized that I and Heidi fell on the ground due to the impact. We stayed there till our hearing came back.

  "C'mon Heidi", I pulled her outside as she hesitated.

  We got out and saw it all. There was an attack. From the higher grounds a few barbarians were throwing missiles and a few were already around fighting with guns and knives.

  "Stay close", I pulled her to the side behind a mountain of supplies which were lying on the ground. The alarm blazed through the speaker. Everyone were running around. The camp was a battle field.  People were being slaughtered like animals. The smell of gun powder was in the air.

  The cries filled the air. I thought whoever the attacker was he was very clever to jump into action at the time of unawareness. This was a training camp and not even a proper military camp. Most of the people here weren't skilled enough to take down one person. I could sneak a peek and see the barbarians already had got most of the soldiers down. One could take down two or three at a time. Bodies lay there on the ground and there was bloodshed all around. All of the attackers' dress codes seemed familiar.

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