Get to Know the Basics

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1.There are 7 packs, they all have a mixture of different dog breeds

2. They have their own territory

3. Mixture of dogs wolves and foxes









Other ranks





Mountain climbers

Forest hunters

Hill runners

Dirt chasers

Lake swimmers

Swamp seekers

Cave hiders

Pack traits

Swamp seekers

Are excellent at hiding and sneaking around great hunters

Food- crayfish, fish, and small birds

Fighting tactics - They love shadows and tend to sneak around, they are surprise attackers

Live- In near swamps and mushy ground

Dirt chasers

Are excellent runners and hunters , they are lean and strong in the legs

Food- rabbits cattle and fish

Fighting tactics - they use their hind legs a lot to trip and kick, they can also stand on their hind legs and jump high

Live- giant mud and sand pit near water and by giant rocks

Cave hiders

Are excellent hiders and fighters they enjoy the dark and are very strong

Food- fish crayfish and birds

Fighting tactics- they fight with their mouths, their canines tend to be larger than most dogs and have strong jaws to snap

Live- in caves of course

Lake swimmers

Are excellent swimmers and remember very well

Food- fish crayfish and crabs

Fighting tactics- they have strong legs and use them to push and they have sharp claws the leave deep wounds

Live- by water

Forest runners

Are excellent fighters and hunters

Food- mice voles rabbits birds raccoons deer and elk

Fighting tactics- they are strong and fast they use teeth claws and legs in all battles

Live- in the forest

Hill runners

Are excellent runners and fighters they love running and are faster than deer

Food- deer elk rabbits and moose

Fighting tactics- they are quick but not as strong they use their legs and paws/claws the most sometimes they try to outrun the predator or challenger

Live- hills an plains

Mountain climbers

Are excellent runners climbers hunters and fighters they are strong and sturdy, I wouldn't cross them, but their hardly part of the 7 packs, they are more a tribe but don't tell them that

Food- giant birds ( hawks eagles) goats elk deer moose

Fighting tactics- they have strong jaws and long teeth and some members replace their claws with talons of eagles they can flip and jump and are strong enough to crush you

Live- in the mountains and trees around them

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