Chapter 1 Ash and Emma

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*Ash's Pov*

I wake up to the smell of bacon cooking and my aunt yelling at my brother. I look over and Emmas spralled out on her bed, shes over here so much my aunt decided to get her, her own bed. So, I get up and put some shorts on and go wake up Emma. "Emma wake up my aunt made bacon"

"Wait did you say bacon"

"Yes Emma I did now get up im not going down there by myself"

"Okay I'm up"

"Okay lets go".

So we head downstairs and my aunts still yelling at my brother , so we try to sneak around them so I dont get brought into it. We go into the kitchen to see my cousin just sitting there looking at her food.

"Why is she staring at her food?"

"Em I think shes trying to decide whether or not to eat it."

"Oh okay"

"Ya know I can hear you"

"Ya I know but I didn't know if you were gunna talk today or not"

"Well I feel like talking today but for the rest of the day im only talking to Ash and Victor"

"okay then"

* buzz buzz*  "Emma I think your phones going off"

"no mines in our room its yours"

"Oh okay"

I get my phone out of my pocket and see that Jared texted me. Me he texted me he normally texts Emma. "Who is it?"

"Its Jared he wants to know if we wanna hang out with him and Oliver"

"Ugh do you want to?"

"Yea I kinda need a cigarette"

"Thats the only reason why?"


"Ight tell him yeah"

(I lied there is another reason I want to see Oliver ive had the biggest crush on him for the longest time but I can tell by the way he looks at Emma that he likes her.)

Me: yussssss

Jared: Alright we'll be there in a bit

"Emma we gotta hurry up and eat"


"Caz theyre on their way over"

"Oh shit my hair's a mess we should go get ready"

So we went upstairs to get ready and I choose my white short shorts that shows I have a butt lol, my Bring Me the Horizon V-neck tank, my Ed Hardy converse and put my black and white bandana in my burgundy (red) hair and put on a little foundation eyeliner and mascara on. I look over and Emmas wearing her white shorts, my Black Veil Brides tank thats shredded in the back, her black vans,and her red hair is pulled back in a ponytail with her bangs out
*knock knock*
They're here!

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