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It was hard for Sunggyu as he watched his members received the news from the doctors after the long concert. They cried but Infinite still believed Sunggyu would wake up and so his body was still lying in the hospital. His body was still beating but his brain was dead that was what the doctor reported.

Days of mourning, Infinite soon returned to their schedule. After performances they received many love from the Inspirits and every time L sang the fans would cheer louder as they watch him sing. Many Inspirits and other kpop fans sent letters, videos cheering them and sent gifts for Sunggyu. Everyone was praying for a miracle. Infinite would still try hard to be happy but the atmosphere was heavy. After performances L would always break down. “I can’t do it!” L would yell in frustration. It was the worst for him for L’s role was to take over Sunggyu’s lines. When they danced they always looked at the empty spot where Sunggyu would dance and L would have to work harder performing two roles and sometimes Woohyun took over Sunggyu positions and parts of songs as well when L couldn’t handle it. There were no longer the three Sung brothers. When they ate, they don’t fight for the food for Sunggyu wasn’t there hogging it all. When Woohyun slept he would always leave the space where Sunggyu would sleep. On shows they don’t make jokes anymore for Sunggyu wasn’t there that they could pick on. When they fought no one was there to stop it and they slowly isolated themselves. Dongwoo took the role of being the leader but it took a heavy toll for him as he has more stress and double the work to do. They never knew Infinite would be this broken without their leader. 

Sunggyu on the other hand wanted to shout to his kids to keep going. He cried every time he saw them. He attempted to jump into his body every day and cursed himself for being weak. Heaven wasn’t a place of peace for him.  He prayed that maybe a second chance for him to return and Seri was always there supporting him when he needed. Days turned into months and Sunggyu gave up trying and he was slowly recovering as he watched Infinite recover as well. After a month, Sunggyu accepted his fate and continued watching Infinite. Everyday they would always visit Sunggyu and Sungyeol would play around with Sunggyu’s body and Dongwoo’s contagious  laughter would always lift the atmosphere just for a bit. Just for bit for them to breathe again.

“So Seri..I think it might be a bit personal but when did you arrived here ?”

“24th June 2013 in a car accident”. “eh? That was when I was in an accident too”.

“The one with a car and a van?” Seri asked and Sunggyu slowly nodded. “Wait you’re that girl that died in the car?”

“Oh my god!” Seri stood up and paced around. “Calm down Seri!” Sunggyu shook her body as she began to panic.

“I remember you! You were sitting in the passenger seat Sunggyu! I saw you!  I’m so sorry Sunggyu!”  she began to shake violently. “It’s not your fault! Please just” Sunggyu too lost his focus and cried. The two feeling guilty for each other both cried of the two tragic deaths.  

“Sunggyu, he wants to see you” a soft voice behind them said.

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