I apologise in advance if this makes you cry. And tissues recommended.


Niviyana's POV:

I'm not superhuman you know. I'm putting on this brave mask, but I'm really scared. I'm scared about how much it might hurt whilst dying, I'm scared about what comes after, but most of all I'm scared for the people around me. I feel like I'm sinking and at the same time I'm pulling them down with me. It is a horrid feeling.

I wish they would just stop feeling or me, I wish I could erase every single memory that they have of me so that they can live peacefully, I'd rather be forgotten than have my memories cause them pain. These wishes are eating me alive. The guilt is killing me if not for my shitty spleen or the out-of-control blood hamorage.

Lately I've been feeling as if a dark shadow is following me everywhere. The shadow that is bound to swallow life, the shadow that spares no one, the shadow called death. It is out to hunt and I'm its prey. It has its eye on me and every time I feel as if it is reaching out to take me in its arms.

Icanfind you, I canreach you, perhapsI'mseeing yourightnow. - that is what it is trying to tell me and I can't deny it.

"Wake up beautiful." That's the first thing I hear in the morning. I was never a girl that would seek validation from men. I never questioned my appearance or my worth. Yet hearing him call me beautiful... I never felt as beautiful as I did then.

But there was still sleep in my system. I groan and bury my face further in his chest taking in the warmth of his body, bringing the duvet up to cover me. "C'mon I'm the grumpy one in mornings, you can't play my part." "Shut up!" "Baby, I'll leave for school in a bit, wake up and show me those pretty dog shit coloured eyes of yours."

I couldn't stop the giggle from escaping at that point. "Finally! you're up!" he cheers. "All thanks to you." I say kicking the duvet away to see his handsome face. He's smiling widely at me, his tousled hair sticking to his forehead, unlike the usual quiff. "I'm gonna head home to freshen up and I'll be back as soon as the school ends okay?" he asks kicking the duvet further and putting on his shirt. "Alright. I'll miss you." "I'll miss you too, take care of yourself." he said walking back to me and leaning for a kiss. I stand up and stretch to kiss him back but the door soon opens.

"Hello guys." Dr Kepner, what a timing!

"Morning April." Zayn greeted.

I seriously don't like the fact that they are on first name base. What kind if a name is April? Who names their child after a month?

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