Quidditch World Cup Part 2

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We took a good one-hour hike all the way up to the stadium. It was a lot larger than the stadium at Hogwarts obviously and It even seemed like the entire stadium was filled with spectators. The crowd was wildly screaming and cheering for their teams. Fans were dressed in red and green to represent their team; I was dressed in red for the Bulgarians. Like Ron said, Victor Krum is a pretty good seeker.

Mr. Weasley had told us that our seats were at the very top which got all of us very excited. From there, we can see all the action happening down below; however it seemed that not 'all' of us was impressed.

"Blimey Dad! How far up are we?" Ron asked in an impatient voice. I guess... He was either really tired or he just didn't want to go up that far.

Then a voice that nobody wished or intended to hear sounded, "Let's put it this way. If it rains, you'll be the first to know." Lucius Malfoy. Following behind him snickering was Draco, great. If they knew that I was here with the Weasley family, then I'll be dead. Knowing Draco, he will more than likely to pull a goody boy in front of my parents and get me into trouble causing me to never be able to go out again. Also knowing the heap of double I'd be in if I was discovered, I take a step back from the railings and stand closely behind George softly grabbing his forearm. George looks back at me for a moment, then he looks back at Draco and his father.

"Father and I are in the Minister's box. By personal invitation of Cornelius Fudge himself!" Draco said it with so much pride making me almost want to lunge out at him, but nonetheless... I was already scared out of my pants about getting seen.

His father stabs him in the stomach with that creepy snake-head crane and says, "Don't boast Draco! There's no need with these people." The words he chose to use were actually quite clever. We all turned away and continue to go up to the top, but Lucius uses his cane and jabs Harry's foot making us all turn back.

In a cold and voice full of hatred, he says, "Do try to enjoy yourselves while you can."

I've had enough at this point. Forgetting about my fear of being caught by the Malfoys, I step up next to Harry and say, "Bug off Malfoy." I never really liked the Malfoy family due to their way of treating non-pure bloods. It just irritated me of how they discriminate against them like that, after all we are all witches and wizards. Lucius and his family knew of this, so did my parents, but I couldn't care less.

Lucius and Draco both stare at me surprised. Lucius looked at me then at the Weasleys and back at me. "Miss Voila Tourch... How surprising to see you here with Potter and the Weasleys. Weren't you supposed to be with Amos Diggory?" He asked tauntingly at me. He was only trying to scare me, well since I was already here, why should I back down for?

"Aren't you afraid your parents will hear about this Tourch?" Draco asked with a smirk on his face.

"Aren't you two afraid that you'll be late to the Minister's Box? Don't keep Cornelius Fudge waiting too long Malfoy; who knows how much you paid to get a 'personal invitation' from him." I retorted back with a my eyes full of annoyance. Draco was going to strike back, but his father stopped him. Lifting his cane off of Harry he says to me, "Very well then. We'll see you later Ms. Tourch. Come on Draco." Grabbing Draco's arm, they leave off into their own direction as we continue up to our place. No one here bothered to ask me about the situation; I'm sure they all already knew the 'bond' between us and the Malfoys.

We watched as the Irish and Bulgarians battled for the World Cup. Like the twins have betted, the Irish did really lead in points and Victor Krum caught the snitch. It amazed me actually at how accurate they were.


Back in the tent that Mr. Weasley had set up, we were celebrating for the victory of the Bulgarians as Fred and George were celebrating their victory on their bet. I sat at a table with Hermione and Ginny as we watched the Weasleys celebrate. I remember watching George dance and boast about his winnings as Fred did the same. It's so clear in my mind. Maybe it was the fact that George was happy, maybe it was the fact that he was so excited, or maybe just because his wacky dancing was catching my attention. I laughed when he laughed and smiled when he was still. 

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