Chapter 7: I Wanna Leave.

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We have exactly a hour to get ready as soon as we stepped on the bus.

"Hey guys sorry but we gotta go get ready." I said to PTV while walking through the bus with Lyza trailing behind.

"Let's get started!" Lyza said excitedly.


I sent Lyza out of the bunk area before me.

I listen for Mikes reaction through the black curtains.

"Well hello my little sexy drummer girl!! Da** you look super sexy!" Mike exclaimed. Lyza straightened her hair and wore converses with her dress. Mike and Lyza were talking in the back ground so I walked out.

Everyone turned to look at me. Great.

"Woah." Vic said, breathless?

"Thanks?" I said questionably.

My hair was curled and I was wearing combat boots. btw.

"WELL LETS GO PARTY PEOPLE!!" Hime Time screamed.


We walked into the tent were the party was and there was plenty of people already.

"Well, let's go get wasted!!" we all said excitedly.


(1hour later)

"Hey" I said. "Let's take some more shots!" I told Vic.

"Siren, you don't need anymore... I'm sorry" Vic said kindly.

"Okay."  I said calmly.

"I wanna leave." I told Vic.

"Alright Siren. Come on." Vic told me.

We started walking back towards the bus when I spoke up.

"Okay just so were sure I'm not drunk, okay? I just took a couple shots and thats it! And its the truth! I don't like getting wasted, just buzzed. At least right now. I want to stay fully sober talking to my idol. And with that I am done talking." I finished my short speech.

"Okay, Thank you for informing me your not drunk." Vic laughed.


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