(Demi Fanfic)

Chapter 40:


I walk down the street with Braxton holding my hand,  the paparazzi had swamped out as we walked out the shop just up the road. He was so amazing with what happened but it made me realise that Bailey is going to grow up in the spot light, I never wanted that but I couldn't avoid it at all despite how hard I have tried.

I walk through the front door of my house, Demi walks up the hallway towards me with her beautiful smile on her lips. Braxton runs off leaving just Demi and I standing face to face smiling at each other. I lean down connecting our lips, she quickly wraps her arms around my neck but before she knows it I pick her up. She wraps her legs around my waist, never letting our lips separate for even one second.

"I love you..," Demi whispers into our heated kiss.

I walk up the staits heading for the bedroom just down the hall. Let's just hope she can be quiet.


We walk into the kitchen, our fingers entwined, I quickly bruising hickey laying secretly to her knowledge on her neck. I will be surprised if anyone missed it, I just smile devilishly, causing her to raise her eyed brow at me with suspiciously.

I just smile, pecking her lips and grabbing my phone from where it lays on the kitchen counter. Astrid walks in, she looks from Demi to me, disgust flowing through her eyes.

"Geez guys! You are so disgusting!" Astrid says in disgust.

Demi looks at her then to me as I giggle, confusion is written all over Demi's face that it is beyond classic.

"Come on, we have to get to the arena," I say, my smirk never leaving my lips.

I peck Demi's lips, I walk down the hallways with my car keys in hand as I walk out the front door. I get into the car, strapping myself in and pulling out the driveway heading down the street.

"I find it funnt how you manage to leave her confused," Astrid giggles.

"She is just so easy to mess around with," I smirk, she just stares at me in disbelief.

"I so did not need to hear that!" She says disgusted as she shaked her head.

I shake my own head at her dirty mind, there is no way she got it from me.

"Not in that way yoy perv!" I giggle.

She just smiles, she turns the radio on and Geronimo by Sheppard plays. My mum is so obsessed with this song because Jace sang it to her, she loves anything cute he does but it just reminds me how much he is going to be hurt when she passes away becuase they honestly love each other unconditionally.

I smile as I look to Astrid as she nods her head, our voices boom through the car.

"Can you feel it?

Now it's coming back we can steal it.

If we bridge this gap,

I can see you

Through the curtains of the waterfall.

When I lost it,

Yeah you held my hand,

But I tossed it,

You were waiting,

As I drove into the waterfall.

So say Geronimo!

Say Geronimo!

Say Geronimo!

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