Chapter 4

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  "Hey, is Mary here?"


   That voice...

   That's the voice I fell for...

   I quickly ran to the kitchen.

   I don't know why... but I just did.

   "Sure! Come on in, Billy." Linda puts some type of emphasize on his name.

    Ooh that little-

    "Mary! Billy is here to see you!"

   I take a deep breath and walk out of the kitchen.

    "Hi." I say, barely audibly.

   "Hey, sorry I didn't call you or anything... I was a bit busy." He says with a frown.

   "It's alright." I smile.

   I can see Linda's big smile on her face.

   "I have to go shopping... bye!" Linda says as she takes hold of her bag, and walks towards the door.

   "But we just went..."

   She gives me a death glare and runs out.

   Billy chuckles.

   I sigh awkwardly.


    I look up, his eyes meet mine.

   "I have been a bit busy lately." I nod. "And I don't have your number."

     I mentally face palmed.

     It never occurred to me that I never gave him my number.

     He smiled.

     "Anyways, I just wanted to see if you would like to go out for dinner."

      "Uh- I'd love to." I stuttered.

       And then I looked down at what I was wearing.

      Short shorts and an oversized t-shirt.

       People always complain about my laziness. By the way, its like 4 pm...


       "Would it be okay if I... You know, get ready first?" I ask shyly.

       I am very freaking... What's the word... Awkward.

        He chuckles.

       "Right, yeah. I'll be back in about..." He thinks for a second.

         "Thirt-" I shake my head.

         "Fort-" I shake my head once again.

          "How about you call me when you're ready?" He says with a smirk.

            Thank you.

           God bless your sexy soul.

          I am still acting like a fangirl... I still am one.

           He says goodbye and leaves. I close the door and I run for my life.

          I take a quick shower, while singing a couple songs.

          "Hey, just met you! And this is crazy. But here's my number, so call me maybe?" I happily sing, more like yell.

           "Its hard to look right, at you baby, so here's my number, so call mmaybe." I keep singing and I remember that I have a date.


          I have a date.

          I HAVE A DATE.

         I HAVE A DATE!!!!

         "Eeeeh!" I happily squeal as I blow dry my hair.

          I don't know what I'm feeling... Like, its a combination of anxiety, love, shock, everything.

          I get dressed and I start to do my make up.

           My phone rings.

           "Hello?" I answer, my voice full of joy.

          "Hey, Mary. Its me..." Billy speaks.

             Okay, I don't know what to call him... Billy, or William... Omg.... I'm going to die of happiness!

            "Oh hey, I'm almost ready, I was about to call you." I say with a smile.


            "Uh... Listen... About our date... Something came up, and..."

            My stomach drops. The music playing inside my head stops. The world stops. Everyone stops.

           I put my make up down.

           "I'm so sorry, I'll make it up to you, Mary... just... I'm so sorry."

           There's no words right now.

            "Yeah, no, its fine. Don't worry about it." I say, calm and I fake an alright tone.


             "Stop apologizing. Its fine, seriously."

             "Thanks for understanding, bye, Mary."

           I don't even say bye.

            I just hang up

           I feel tears coming up, but I don't see a point in crying.

           This is a heart break moment.

           Is there something wrong with me? Is that why he canceled?

            Stop it, Mary. He has something important to do. Just stop.

          I go to my room and get in my PJs.

          I lay on my bed and I fall asleep, with one thing on my mind.

           I love you, Billy.


How long has it been..  2 months?
Writers block and school... Hope you enjoyed.

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