The Greedy King

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Based on the story, King Midas.

With reference to, Rumpelstiltskin

Once Upon A Time, there lived a king named Midas. He ruled over castle in the Southern Kingdom of the fairy tale world. The Castle was once a thriving trade center. Merchants from every corner of the map would travel to the city of barter.

With all the trade, Midas made a considerable amount of gold. In time it would become the wealthiest of all the Southern Holds. Unfortunately for King Midas, that was not enough.

He loved gold, oh how he did. Not a day passed where he didn't find himself thinking about gold. He loved it so much that, underneath his palace he kept a chamber filled with it. At night he would venture down beneath his castle, lock himself inside the chamber, and swim in the mountains of golden coins he had collected.

One night, he found himself in the chamber after basking in the magnificence of the gold coins for hours. He had grown tired of frolicking in the metal and was ready for bed. He went for the keys to the door strapped to his belt. They had vanished.

Dread flooded King Midas' heart. What if he had lost it in the gold? He would never find it and be stuck down there forever! Then there was a voice from the opposite end of the chamber.

"Lost something?"

King Midas looked everywhere but could not see who had spoken. "Who accompanies me within my chamber of solitude?"

"I cannot tell you my name, that would give it away, of course. No, my name remains a secret, although I must inform you that it is such a marvelous name, I pity you for not hearing it."

The king was confused by the voice. It wished him to know it's name yet refused to tell him what it was. "What do you want with me?" He cried into the chamber.

"Only to aid you," the voice was suddenly right behind him. "My Lord."

Midas spun around to see a small boy blocking the door he wished to exit from. He was no older than ten. The king wondered how he could have snuck inside so masterfully.

The child was dressed in dark green and had fiery red hair. He smiled at the King, revealing yellowed teeth. In his small hand he held a key.

"How did you get that?" The King demanded to know. "Give me that right this moment!"

The boy tossed the key into the hands of King Midas. "I know how dearly you want those keys," he pointed out. "But I know of something you desire more."

"More than my own freedom?" Asked the King.

The boy took a long glance of the room as if counting every golden coin and then nodded to the King. "Yes. More than your own freedom."

"You can offer me gold, little boy? How much?"

The child laughed. "How much, you ask. There is no limit to what I can give you!"

Midas' eyes widened. "You must bestow such a gift upon me! I am your king, I demand it!"

The boys face darkened. "You are not my king, I answer to no one!"

"Yes, yes. My apologies," Midas cried, kneeling down.

The boys face softened. "Yet, I shall bestow upon you this gift. From this day forth, whatever you touch will turn to gold!"

"How is this possible?" Gasped the king. "Are you a creature of magic?"

The boy smiled. "Worry not, dear King. Return to you bed chamber now. Sleep well, in the morning you will awake with your new-found powers."

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