So here I am, standing in the middle of my living room with my mouth agape and my parents with a worried look on their faces.

"What do you mean we are moving?" I said in a harsh tone.

"We are saying that your father has gotten a job in LA and we are going with him there" my mom said calmly as if this wasn't a big deal.

"WE CAN NOT MOVE" I screamed throwing my hands into the air. I for one was not going to leave everything I loved behind without a fight I loved everything about New York my friends, boyfriend, home. I just am not going to leave.

"Yes, we can and we are going to I'm sorry Ann I know you love it here but-" I cut him off.

"There are no buts if you really loved me you wouldn't be taking everything i care about away from me" I say running out my front door slamming it on my way out. I can't believe that they are going to do this just take everything and pack up and leave. I for one don't want to move across the country away from everyone just for my father's job. See my father is this big shot photographer he shoots for stuff like Seventeen and Vogue that high up there kind of stuff which is why we are in New York this is the city where all big shot photo people live.

I sigh as I make my way onto the subway I am going to see Luka he is my boyfriend of 2 years and saying I love him would be a drastic understatement, I can't even put into words how I feel about him.

I make my way off of the crowded subway and back into the busy city streets of the Upper East Side, yeah i live in that "Gossip Girl" shit ha-ha. But really no one here is that dramatic about life we are all pretty normal laid back people. I finally make it to Lukas and knock of the door.

"ANNA! how good to see you it feels like forever since the last time I saw you" his mother Hanna said, while pulling me in for a hug.

"Nice to see you too Miss. Ferguson"

"And what may I do for you today Ann" she said smiling so big i couldn't tell if I should be flattered or just down right terrified.

"Can i speak with Luka please, it is very important" I said silently pleading.

"Of course you can darling" gesturing for me to come in, I made my way into their rather large apartment that's the thing about New York you didn't have a house you had an apartment the size of a house. I finally reach Lukas room when I paused, thinking about what I'm going to say to him how do you tell a guy you love that you are moving across the country.

I finally sighed quietly knocking on his door, i could hear his footsteps coming towards the door and the closer he got the more nervous i got. I finally heard the creek of the door opening.

"Anna bear what are you doing here" he said leaning in for a kiss, I kissed him it was quick and sweet.

"Lukie i need to tell you something" I said distantly.

"Okay..." he sounded more scared than confused. We slowly walked into his room, sitting down on his bed.

"Okay I'm just going to some right out and say it I'm moving" I turned away scared for his reaction.

"Moving? Moving where" he said confused yet you could hear the relief in his voice that it wasn't something worse.

"California, I understand if you want to break up with m-" he cut off my rambling with a passionate kiss, as he pulled back I looked into his eyes "I'm not going to break up with you Ann I love you with everything in me" I smiled.

"So, what are we going to do" I said looking at him with a nervous gaze.

"Well California is a long ways away, but I think that we can do it I have enough money to visit a least once a month or every once in a while I think we can do this, everything is going to be okay I promise" we both smiled and hugged I hope he is right.


So there is chapter one i know it's not much but you have to start somewhere, okay well the next chapter will be more interesting just bare with me there is only so much a girl can do with just one chapter. I promise to update soon babes.

Peace from the east :)

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