Chapter 7 - Game Over

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You follow the underground tunnel until you enter this big room with the man and Ashley standing next to him. "Ashley what are you doing." You ask

" Ashley? Really, That's the name you told them." The man says as he starts laughing. He is the voice off the radio. Ashley approaches towards you with a knife. You are so angry. She puts the knife into but you don't feel a thing. You pull it out. Ashley's face quickly turns from a Grin to an unsteady frown.

You stab her right in the stomach. She falls to the ground. You approach the man with no thoughts but killing him. He quickly locks himself in a metal see through cube.

" You don't get it do you, It was never a game, all I wanted is you. You think that I just picked you from random but I have been watching you. You are not human,the day you were born I inputed a chemical to the brain that would starve until you got the taste of human blood and flesh. You are my creation, and if you joined me we could be unstoppable."

You are not listening to him as you search to find away to kill him.

You come across a massive computer control panel, he has cameras set up all over the forest. He has been watching you the whole time. You explore it and eventually you find a self destruct button for the whole forest you press it but nothing happens, at this stage you don't care what happens to you, you only want the worst for the man and this place. You keep on telling yourself that he deserves this. You keep on pushing the button but it doesn't work. You think until you pull out the piece of paper and enter the numbers on it. You wake up at home with a note on your chest that reads.

"Game Over."

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