You're Youtube Famous and He Fangirls When He Meets You(5SOS)

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Michael: "And your name?" He asked as he begin to sign his name onto the CD. You smiled and continued to stare at him. "Y/N." You kept the smile on your face and he smiled, looking up at your face. Once he looked up, he froze. "No fucking way, you're Y/N!" He grinned ear to ear and hit Ashton in the shoulder. "It's Y/N." He continued telling everyone it was you and you just laughed at how cute he was. "I watch your videos all of the time. You're so funny and pretty and wow I'm rumbling. In sorry I just love you." He laughed still freaking out over meeting him. "No way! I just so happen to love you too!" This comment made him go ballistic.

Ashton: "I just wanted some food, you know?" You heard a voice say from behind you. You were waiting in line for food, but the line was going extremely slow and there was only two people working. Why? You didn't know. "Here, you can take my spot." You offered to the person who was standing behind you. You smiled at him once you realized who it was, but you chose to stay calm. "Oh my god, Y/N. You just talked to me. Am I dreaming? You're pretty." He blurted out and looked on the ground immediately after he said the last part. You smiled at his reaction and let him go ahead of you in the line. "Well thank you very much, Ashton. You're not too bad yourself." You winked at him which caused him flip out even more.

Calum: "I don't really understand why people feel the need to publicly make out in a park. I mean, sure, you guys are together, but if I wanted to see soft porn I could go easily on tumblr and get that for myself." You spoke into the camera and ended that part of the video. You started to watch it when you noticed someone in the background walking then shopping once they saw you. They just stood there and didn't move. You turned around slowly and noticed they were still standing there with their mouth slightly open. You looked in front of you to see if there was someone else they were staring at, but there wasn't. You turned back around and waved at them slightly and they began to look unsure if you were waving at them or not. You laugh then turned back around to take some more videos for a vlog when someone sat down beside you. "Sorry, if I'm being a burden, but I saw you and kind of flipped out because your videos make me laugh really hard and I sort of watch them every day." The boy explained and you looked over at him and smiled. "And your keeks make me laugh." You admitted to him and he just stared at you in awe. "Wow, you like my keeks. I can die happy now." He laughed which made you laugh at how he was reacting. "Hey, wanna be in my vlog?" The second you asked him he quickly said yes and you two made the rest of the vlog together and got along extremely well.

Luke: You were at the store looking for a book to read and do a review on, when you noticed a blonde boy staring at you from across the store. You smiled awkwardly then went back to looking for a book. You tried to ignore the fact that the boy was Luke Hemmings, but you figured he was probably looking at someone else. You continued looking through the aisle for a good book a few of your viewers have recommended. "Oh my god, it is you." A voice said from beside you. You turned to your side and saw Luke smiling at you. You smiled back and he shook his head. "I can't believe I'm actually here standing next to you right now. I never thought I'd ever meet you, you know, I just watch your videos and never thought I'd run into you, but here I am, running into you." He continued to babble on and you just laughed at how adorable he was. "What are the odds?" You laughed and he shrugged his shoulders, speechless that you are actually here in the same room as he is. "Hey, let's take a picture!" You smiled and he agreed immediately. You posted it on Instagram and everyone was flipping out. "Number one fan? I think so ;) @luke_is_a_penguin

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