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It was mums funeral family and the little friends that mum had had shown up. Rory of course was there and Aunty Mae, uncle Liam and there two children Harley and Jarvis. Harley was 19 she had recently died her hair a purple that got lighter as it went down and she had thick black eyelashes with a deep red lipstick. her eyes were extremely blue you could get lost in the beauty of them and she was quite tall. she was wearing a black dress that stopped before the knees and black ankle boots. Jarvis was my age like a month older and he had blonde hair and a good teenage boy shape. he was very healthy but he looked different he looked like he didn't give a shit about my mother or anyone attending the funeral.

It was my turn to so my speech and I got up and made it half way and broke down so Harley came and finished it for me. "My mum was a nice person until my arse for a father left and it broke my mother in two. I had no idea what to do so I shut down aswell, to be brutally honest our family didn't work we were a hot mess and our family was a puzzle with missing pieces, I will miss you mum you will forever and always be in my heart". I left the stage in a weeping state I just wanted to go home and curl up into a ball and starve. honestly I had no idea what I would do with myself.

"Baby are you alright?" Rory comes up and gives me a massive hug and kiss. "No I want to go home and sleep forever and not wake up." I say sobbing into her shoulder. "seriously what will I do now I have no choice Jai and Jayden aren't 18 yet it's not legal for them to look after me. what if my fucked father wants to look after me I can't say no so tomorrow might be goodbye." I burst and fall to the ground sand I've got Rory crying now which makes me feel like shit.


Sorry for the short chapter in kinda stumped

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