Chapter 2: A Secret & A Promise

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Stiles had been avoiding Jackson all day and successfully managed to do so. Up until it was time for lacrosse practice and he had Jackson's locker right behind his only a bench separating them.

Like always Stiles was waiting for everyone to leave the room so he could quickly change without anyone seeing his arms.

Everyone had left. Except Jackson who stared at Stiles. Till he was sure everyone was gone and looked at stiles with a soft expression... For Jackson anyways..

"Stiles why were you bleeding earlier? I didn't have my nails out and I know I didn't break any skin."

"Can we just drop it." Stiles more stated than asked.

"Stiles I'm going to ask you one time, and one time only before I assume..." He took a deep breath and asked "Stiles can you let me see your arms?"

"Why ? Can't you just go play pretend to care somewhere else and fuck off." Stiles said as he felt a rush of heat sweep over his body and felt pure fear of anyone finding out. Especially a dick jock like Jackson.

Jackson didn't ask twice the smell of fear and guilt hit Jackson very clearly and very hard in the face. Jackson turned around and stated "Get changed I won't turn around."

Stiles some how felt like Jackson was for once being truthful. He quickly changed and was ready for practice to start. They walked out together as coached yelled "Stilinski! Jackson! Start running now!" They did as they were told and started jogging around the field still slightly behind everyone else.

Jackson looked over at Stiles and asked "Can we talk later? About what happened today."

"Can't you just drop it?" Stiles mumbled and started to jog faster. Knowing Jackson could easily catch up.

He didn't though he stayed back and let Stiles have space knowing irritating or upsetting him could just make things worse.

Stiles went through practice trying to let every emotion out, mostly anger and rage, he was tired yet still angry at the end of practice. He went into the locker room not even changing and just heading to his jeep. He drove off and headed home hoping no one would bother him.

And he could find relief in a cold lifeless object.

When he got home he saw a note on the counter.

-Stiles working be back in the morning.-

He sighed. He expected this half time. No mom and hardly seeing his dad made him feel alone in the world.

He was half way up the stairs when his phone started ringing. He looked to see

<Scott is the best> on his screen. He almost didn't answer but against himself he did.


"Hey man, pack meeting at Derek's tonight, wanna pick me up on your way?" Scott asked always so happy.

"Yeah I guess so, I'll be there in 5 minutes"

"Okay see ya then" and with that Stiles hung up and walked back out to his jeep.

He drove to Scott's listening to his favorite song Just One Yesterday by Fall Out Boy. Making him think of all the things he'd like to do to Derek Hale. When he pulled up in front of Scott's he beeped once. As Scott ran and got in the passengers seat.

"Hey bro, to Derek's we go" laughing at his own stupid rhyme. Stiles couldn't help let out a small laugh and mumble "you are so dumb."

They sang to the music off stiles iPod and soon pulled into Derek's drive way in front of the half new/half old Hale house.

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