Chapter 22: Yours Truly Spencer

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The End is here. I suppose you have a few questions like, How long did it take Me to delete all of those voicemails. I can truthfully answer that It took a while. Anyways, Thank you Soooo much for reading the obnoxious tale of me, Spencer Topaz Embert. Btw I put my cat away before going to Chipotle with Liam.

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask them. I will answer all of them.

Oh! Almost forgot. Zach ended up marrying Stephanie, Liam's old girlfriend. His dad liked her A Lot better. ;). Aaron was arrested for assaulting an innocent bystander. Liam and I became best friends, and I found one of my aunts via the internet and met her for the first time. I am still living life, but it seems pretty good......For now.

Yours Truly,


P.s. You can go read the sequel right now! Go Blah!

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