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Zayn's POV:

"I'm simply saying." Bailey explains, "that there is no way of saying how long - or how short- she'll linger."

Linger, that's the word she used. Like she's hovering over thin ice which may break any second, like she's some kind of a taste playing on your taste buds that can vanish in a moment.

Its still so goddamn hard to wrap my head around this, I'm secretly hoping for a miracle, any miracle that could get her to live. I have no courage to go inside her room, so I'm sitting outside the corridor with Rose and Babs.

"We're gonna head off now. Zayn, are you gonna be fine on your own?" Babs asks, "Of course, you guys take your time. We'll be just fine." I answer. "I'm gonna wait downstairs." Rose said nonchalantly, she looked emotionally drained and disconnected. I don't blame her.

"Zayn?" "Hmm?" "Stay strong, at least in front of her yeah?" "Yeah, I'm trying to be supportive." I say, the hint of annoyance in my time is unmistakable. "Hey, mind that tone. And just know that its equally hard on her as it is on us, so we should cut her some slack." I nod, I agree but its still really hard.

"Babs?" "Yeah?" "I'm glad you guys are fine, feels good to have my buddy back." I say with a smile ruffling her hair. "Oi! Stop!" she says swatting my hand. "Ow!" I gasp bringing my hand close to my chest, faking the pain. "For the record, feels good to have you back too buddy." She says giving me a one-armed hug and I gladly hug her back. "You really should go. You are in dire need of a shower Babs, you're reeking!" I say before she swats my hand and runs off. "You're gonna pay for this fantastic!!" I heard her scoff at my threat.

Its been long since I called her fantastic, hasn't it? We used to refer to them as there F3 names all the time, so much has changed now.

She must be waiting.

I rush over to her cabin and open the door. The sight that I see on opening the door makes my heart do rapid somersaults. Gold for Malik!!

I exhale and smile as I see her messing around with a 2-3 year old girl with golden pigtails and a light blue dress. She was so conceited in the girl that she didn't even notice my arrival. There was this massive smile on her face that caused her eyes to squint. She keeps tickling the kid who is doubling on the bed beside her with laughter. The thud I caused on closing the door made Nivi stop the tickling the girl and look up to me.

"Zayn!" she says smiling, "Nivi!" I mock his tone. I notice the girl going silent on seeing me. She slowly sits on Nivi's lap and starts sinking low. Both Nivi and I look at the girl with amused expressions.

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