The Inevitable <3

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I've always felt that we've had a special connection, but it's like August is not one to sit down and talk to one girl. He's always with someone every time I see him in the halls he's with some girl. I can't compete with the school whore. I'm a virgin I don't have time for that shit. Besides that, my feeling gets hurt every time I see him with another girl. I feel like that's the only way I'll be able to get him. I don't want to change myself and who I am just to get him . . .

Besides that August and I are pretty close he's lived across the street from me since forever. We met because my mom wanted to meet the new neighbors. Always desperate for friends and shit. I walked over and started walking around the house; it was beautiful and big like mine, but it had a different feel to it. I walked around upstairs, and this voice scares the hell out of me "Why you in my room?" I jump and turn around "I um, I'm y/n your neighbor . . . My mom is meeting your mom. I was just looking around the house."

We walked back downstairs, and after that, we started hanging out every day. Having a guy friend is the best thing ever. We were cool and close till one day I got feelings for him. August was my first kiss. It was the best thing I'd ever felt his lips were just as soft as I always figured they would be. I never really understood why August was so quiet until I got to know him. It's like he'd rather read you as a person before actually talking to you. It's almost like you have to pass this test of truth before he talks to you. I could go on all day talking about every key to his personality, but that would defeat the point of this being a story.

I walk out of my last class until next year. I'll miss this school it's the shit we have the most hype high school ever! I get to my locker and clean it out. I never take my pictures out because I always get the same locker ha-ha. I walk out of the school and smell the air. I start on my walk home. I walk towards the Starbucks to get a frappe, what other better way to start staying up all night? I get my Frappe and continue my walk.

I walked past the park where August is always at; I drop my bag because it starts to hurt my shoulder. I shouldn't have so much shit in my locker next year. I pick it up and keep walking. I hear August walking behind me "Hi Anthony." I hear him chuckle "I saw you drop your bag I was coming to help." He says the back and my coffee. "Aug man you don't even like coffee!!" he drinks some and gives it back "I might start just because you like it."

I shake my head and look over at the park "You sure you're not needed over there? She looks pretty disappointed." He looked over and laughed "She mad because I said I wasn't about to fuck her." I frown "Since when you turn down pussy?" he shrugged "Three of her friends pregnant, now all of a sudden she tryna get me to fuck her. I'm not about to be paying for a baby I don't want." I nod and walk up to the front door and unlock it.

"Besides your whore issues. My momma left on her trip to the Bahamas today!" I dance around "We having a party?" I frown "Uh nigga no, we're not because you're not going to help me clean afterward so HELL NO" I grab my bag from him and walk on upstairs "I'll be back, I'm about to change" I heard him in the kitchen paying me no mind.

I strip out of those hot ass jeans and shirt. I look around my closet for something to wear. I feel hands go up my sides and around my waist. I would pause my breathing not sure if it was real. I feel him kissing my neck and whispering in my ear. I'm suddenly snapped out of my Trans by August. "Hey, I'm staying here tonight." I heard him sit on the bed "August you're always here. Literally every night." He laughed "I know."

I walk out of the closet in some sweat pants while pulling my shirt down. "Man, y/n why yo titties so big? I can fit my damn head into this bra!" I snatch the bra "That just means you got a big ass head then!" I put the bra into my drawer "OH so you got jokes." I laugh as I pick up my room a little I feel his eyes on me. "What?" I asked him while putting the clothes into the hamper. "You just . . . nothing." I shrug and walk into my bathroom "Why do you clean so much??" I laugh "You know it's a habit. I walk in clean my room and my bathroom than the rest of the house." He stands the doorway "The rest of the house is clean as hell. So I don't see what the hell you supposed to be cleaning." I stand in front of him "Can you please move sir?" He looked down at me and smirked. I know he wanted to do something and nothing was going to stop him from doing what he wanted to do.

I walked passed him and walked down the stairs. "August you want to watch a movie?" He walked into the kitchen and picked me up by my waist sitting me on the counter. "Okay, you can practice your moves some other time. I would like to get back to my coffee and cookies pleased?" He bites his lip "Y/n I need to talk to you" I hold his hand because the last time he said that he was telling me his brother got shot. I look him in the eyes he's tearing up.

"No, August what's wrong?" I hug him rubbing his back. I pull away and look at him. He kisses me. At that moment every feeling I'd ever felt for him since day one flooded over in my mind. I wrap my arms around his neck getting deeper into the kiss. He pulled away and looked at me "I love you" I smile and kiss him again "Look y/n if you keep kissing me like that. You not gone be a virgin no more. Chill." I laugh "Can I get my coffee and cookies now?

He bites his lip and moves me off the counter. I taste the coffee and spit it out. "Let's go to Starbucks. Please?" I look up at him "okay . . . I guess I can take you to Starbucks." I smile then kiss him. While in waiting for my coffee, I turn and look at August. I wrap my arms around his waist and look up at him making funny faces. I was a lot shorter than him I felt it was cute. He laughs, all of a sudden a girl comes up to us "Hey, I'm Aimee, and I'm doing this project for film class. I took a picture of you two and I was wondering if you'd let me use it if I show it to you?"

August shrugged, I smiled and nodded. I looked and the picture and smiled she smiled at us both "This photo captured how much you guys love and care about each other. His eyes show compassion and protectiveness. You're there to keep him laughing and care for him. You guys are a great couple." I looked at that picture, but it's like I could have stared at it for hours. I gave Aimee my number so she could send me the picture.

While walking out to the car I couldn't help but to ask "August?" he looks over at me while starting up the car "yeah." I bite my lip "How long have you loved me?" he drives off while answering me. "I'll tell you when we get home." I nodded and waited patiently. We pull up to the house. I run in and go to the take off my shoes. August comes in behind me and takes off his. He lays on the couch and pulls me over to him.

I lay there and play with his hands waiting for him to start. He takes a deep breath. "You remember when I lost my brother. That night I came over here and knocked on your door, you answered the door with your glasses on and your hair in a messy bun with a sweatshirt on and your neon pajama pants. You looked at me and told me to come in. We walked up to your room, and I stood there in the doorway and you sat on your bed."

~ Flashback~

Y/n walked me up to her room, and she sat back on her bed with her papers. I stood in the doorway. "August come sit down." I stood there and just stared "August?" She walked over to me and took my hood off my head. She looked into my eyes. "What happened?" She pushed the papers off the bed and pulled me to sit down "They killed my brother . . ." She hugged me so tight I couldn't help but break down. She didn't say anything; she didn't try to understand, but she just held me there and let me cry. That night I fell asleep with my arms around her waist. When I woke up, she was holding me, and crying herself. "Why are you crying?" She wiped her face and looked at me "The news came on and it showed his story, and it hit me." She put her hand in mine "I promise, I'll be there whenever you need me. No matter what." I nodded, and we went to my house and sat with my moms.

~ End ~

"You were there the whole time. No matter how stupid I was with decisions, you always talked me out of them. You were the only girl who I just couldn't stop thinking about you, you're truly the girl for me. I fell in love with you when I became aware of how much more you meant to me." I look up and him and wipe his tears and kiss him "August; I love you too" That whole two weeks we were together doing nothing or everything.

We fell asleep on the couch in the living room and our moms walk in. "Well girl ain't this some shit." They laugh and look at us "We're home!" I feel August move and stretch I look over at my mom with one eye "Hey momma, how was the trip?" She smiles "It was good" August looked over "Hey ma. You have fun?" She laughed and nodded asking "What happened here?" We smiled and my mom answered "The Inevitable."

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