I turned over in bed pulling the covers tighter around me, warmth engulfing me.

But I sat up and snapped my eyes open immediately when the events from yesterday came flooding back to me.

I was wide awake now.

It was dark in the hospital room and the blinds were shut tight. I gently maneuvered myself out of bed and peeked through the blinds, tubes trailing behind me. As I had assumed it was nighttime and Liam's light snoring notified me that he was asleep.

Grabbing onto the pole that held all the different bags to my IVs I wheeled it out of the room as quietly as possible. Surprisingly the thing didn't squeak. That's one plus in my life I guess.

Hey got to look for the positive things right? No matter how small they might be.

Making my way to the door I slid by Liam, hoping not to wake him. I peeked my head out the door to see if I would encounter and nurses roaming the halls. But the coast was clear so I walked out of my room for the first time in 10 years. Heck, this was my first time walking in 10 years.

Some words that I'm pretty sure I didn't know when I was 6 were new in my thoughts but I'll ask about that later.

Mom and Char were no where to be found so I assumed they went home for the night because of hospital policy. I wouldn't blame them for wanting to leave. This place sucks. I've only been awake for a while and I'm already hating every aspect of the place. Especially the smell. Why did hospitals have to have that weird smell.


I was walking down the hallway, no idea where I was or where I was going, I turned the corner and finally saw elevators. So being the logical person I am I pressed the glowing button and waited for the elevator door to open.

As soon as they slid open I stepped inside and marveled at my good luck of not running into any hospital staff yet.

I pressed the button with the 1 and a star because it must be the first floor.

The elevator doors opened again, stepping out I saw one person hurry by the elevators. In case it was a hospital staff, I stayed in the elevator until they were gone.

I walked out of the elevator area and was immediately greeted by a front lobby. There was a lady sitting at the front desk but she seemed to absorbed with a person she seemed to be arguing with. I doubted she was ever going to see me. Besides those two there was no one else. Wow. It must be my lucky day or something. Shouldn't hospitals have more people walking around? Well I guess it is pretty late. About 4am according to the clock on on the wall. Oh gosh yes it was late.

I've had 10 years of sleeping though so I guess it didn't really matter that I was awake.

After shuffling through the revolving door I was finally outside.

For the first time in 10 years.

10 years too long I thought to myself as my eyes welled up with tears. I wiped my hand across my checks to dry my tears and walked along the sidewalk. Ungracefully pulling all my stupid meds behind me, to a cute little garden with a bench.

Perfect, I smiled.

Taking a seat on the bench I took a deep breath in a smiled and real smile while staring up at the sky.

I guess I should at least try to come to terms with everything now that I'm awake. Especially since I was in a beautiful area and not that cramped hospital room. If I was in there I'm sure I wouldn't be able to get any clear thinking done.

I knew that Liam would help me think through any problem and help answer any questions I had. But he has been stressed lately and I didn't really want to bother him.

My mind wandered from my problems and landed on Liam.

I wonder what he thought about about me? I wonder if he has so far liked my company? Does he think I'm nice?

I looked up at the sky, the stars shining down at me and closed by eyes to enjoy the fresh air.

After a few minutes of sitting under the stars, I figured that no one was looking for me. I decided to stay a little longer and take a nap. 

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