Chapter 6

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Victoria's POV

They arrived and Sam had a worried look like he was in trouble. If anyone was in trouble it was me. As soon as i saw the dead body i knew who it was... MaKayla's mom's best friend Trish. I tell Dean about this so he tried to keep her back but, she forced him to moved saw Trish and cried.

MaKayla's POV

She is dead that was all i could think and say for 15 minutes. "MaKayla?" Dean asked as i snuggled up to him for comfort.

"She's dead Dean she was one of the last thing of family i had left!" i sobbed into his chest

"I love you Dean. I know we haven't been together that long but i know what i feel." I added

"I love you too! There has been only one other person i cared about as much as you and that is Sam. Just like Sam and I, we are unable to leave each other without a fight!" he said. i lifted my head reveling my puffy watery eyes to kiss him. Then i remember we were at a crime scene an everyone heard what we have said they gave us a awe look so i smiled.

"MaKayla, if your father was here he would be so proud of you and very happy for you." erin said to me as he walked up

"You really think so Uncle Erin?" i asked

" I am and if i am he is." he replied

"Thank you!" i said giving him a hug

"Not a problem kid." he said

"Where are my manners Uncle Erin this is Dean and Dean this is my Uncle Erin!" i introduced

"Nice to meet you sir." Dean said

"Call me Erin." he said

"Oh i still have to pack and i have something i need to talk to you about." i said

"Sure lets go Sam and Victoria will take care of this one." he said. We get back to the house and i grab photo albums of my family.

"What are you doing?" he asked me

"Looking i will explain in a sec." i replied

"I was right!"

"Right about what?" he questioned

"I have missing photos in my family album of all the people i care about in Casper the creature is targeting my loved ones."i said

"Holy shit who else do you love and care about?"

"Uncle Erin Victoria and you."this was all to much this time i wish i was wrong and i hate being wrong.

"Why is this thing targeting me?" i asked teary eyed

"Lets find out." he answered

Deans P.O.V

I can't believe i get into town fall in love, then find out that the thing is targeting my girlfriend!

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