Quidditch World Cup Part 1

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Early the next morning, Hermione arrived at the Burrow. Ginny and I woke up early to help Mrs. Weasley prepare breakfast before our departure and since Hermione was here, we had an extra hand for help. As we prepared another breakfast of eggs and bacon and some orange juice, Hermione pulled me aside.

"What did you tell your parents this time, Viola?" She asked seriously.

"I... I just told them that I was going to join Cedric and his family for the World Cup."

"Isn't Diggory also the same excuse you used last year?" I nodded and she sighs. "Viola, you can't keep doing this you know."

"Well what do you want me to say then Hermione? You know clearly that my parents don't like the Weasleys." I said in a quitter, but agitated voice. I'm sure they were aware of this fact. but I really just didn't want anyone in their family to hear this.

Hermione looks over at me and nods. With a softer tone, she says, "Since when have you been here?"

"Two weeks ago." Hermione nods at my answer before we both go back to helping Ginny and Mrs. Weasley prepare breakfast.

Breakfast served soon enough and the Weasley Family, along with Harry, me, and Hermione all sat and enjoyed our morning. Mr. Weasley was quite in a rush saying that Amos and Cedric were waiting for us right beyond the forest. Everyone quickly finished their food and we were on our way to the Quidditch World Cup. I was walking with Hermione and Ginny in the back, as Fred and George was with their father, and Harry and Ron were in front of us. 

"Who do you suppose is going to win?" Ginny asked curiously.

"The Bulgarians of course! Victor Krum ought to take the snitch quickly." Ron turned back and screamed at us. I laughed at his excitement and Hermione's soft smile also appears on her face. "What about you Harry? Who do you think is going to win?" Ron asked.

"Well... I don't really have a side I suppose. But if I had to choose, then I'll probably say the Irish will." Harry replied as a look of disbelief appeared on Ron's face.

"Victor Krum is the best seeker in the world Harry!" Ron shouted.

"Just because he's the best doesn't mean the Irish doesn't stand a chance Ron," I said. "Besides, the Irish ought to be pretty good if they've made it this far."

Up ahead, Amos Diggory was shaking hands with Mr. Weasley and the twins while Cedric hops off a tree also shaking hands with them. When we approach they both shakes hands with Ron and Harry and greet us. Amos wanders off with Ron and Harry discussing a topic that I wasn't able to hear. Cedric walked over to me and gave me a huge hug.

"Viola! I haven't seen you for so long! How have you been?" He said in his calm and caring voice. I was up against his chest, but my eyes were glued on Fred and George whose eyes were also glued on me. Before continuing to follow their father, they both wink at me playfully and  walk away with snickers loud enough for me to hear. Ginny and Hermione both give me a suspecting smile before also following the twins ahead. Cedric releases me from his hug and I look up at him smiling before we both continue after the others.

Soon enough, we arrive on a hill with nothing else, but a boot on it.

"A boot?" I say. Cedric looks at me while laughing and answers, "A port key. Come on."

I heard Harry, "A boot?" and Fred answers him also saying it's a port key. We all gather around the boot as Mr. Weasley tells all of us to grab onto it. We do as told and before we know it, we are all sent spinning off the ground into the air.

As we descend higher and higher, Mr. Weasley calls out, "Let go kids!"

"Let go?!" I yell out.

"What?!" Says Hermione in shock.

Mr. Weasley repeats himself, "Let go!"

I let go of my grip along with Hermione, Ron, Harry, Ginny, Fred, and George and we all are sent plummeting back down. I remember falling and just thinking that we have made a mistake somewhere probably.

We all fall to the ground hard with loud 'thumps' from each individual. My back actually hurt a bit and it was quite hard for me to stand back up. That landing had taken the breath out of me. I look to my sides and realize that George was laying down to the right of me while Fred was lying next to George. 

"Rough landing." I struggle to say.

Fred helps George up and George stands over me offering a hand to help me up. I grab his hand.

"Thank You." I say.

"'Bout time you do." George replied in such a teasing way that I couldn't help myself, but to reply to his remark.

"About time? What do you mean about time?"

"Don't worry about it mate. It won't kill you if you don't know."

"Well, what if it does?"

"Then we just won't be seeing you anymore would we?"

George Weasley, you git. If only I didn't have this infatuation for you then I would have said something back; but in another truth, I really had no comeback to that. George and Fred always had a way with words.


We approached a tent-filled valley where thousands of fans had gathered just to watch the Quidditch World Cup. There were so many people here; there were people doing tricks, setting on fireworks, and even running around playing some sort of game. As we walked, I overheard Fred and George discussing about some kind of bet.

"What are you guys talking about?" I asked curiously.

"Nothing important." George said.

"Come on guys, I heard you two discussing it."

"Well then what's the need to still be asking?" Fred questioned with a smile at me. I Glared over at the twins and began to angrily walk off. They both laugh and Fred grabs my wrist pulling me back to them before I can leave.

"You're just dying to know aren't you, Viola?" Fred said. "Tell her Georgie."

"Me and Fred has got a bet on."

"A bet?" I asked, "With who?"

"Ludo Bagman." they said in unison.

"Ludovic Bagman? You guys can't! That guy is a scam you nitwits." I shouted at them. I was actually quite worried for them at this point. Ludovic Bagman was said to have been reckless about the security here at the World Cup and not getting enough protection for the attendees. He was even said to be a big gambler.

"Believe me Viola, we'll be sure he gives us our money when we win." George said with a confident smile on his face as he looked over to his brother, who also returns a confident smile.

I sigh and ask, "What did you guys bet on anyways?"

"We think the Irish will win by points..." George started.

"However, the Bulgarians will win through seeker." Fred finished.

I looked at both of them wide eyed, "That's a huge risk you two know! Why would you even do that?!"

"Cause it's a huge risk." they say in unison as Fred throws an arm around my shoulder. I couldn't believe that they were really doing this; do they even know how high of stakes this is?


Before we departed ways with the Diggorys, Cedric approaches and looks down at me. "Well... we'll be separating from here on then. I'll see you... later?"

"Uh... Yeah sure."

"Great. See ya." Cedric shoots a smile at me before embracing me and retreating into his tent. I turn to face Fred and George, who are standing behind me; on their faces were huge smiles.

"Oh, shut up." I say to them as I walk past, but they catch up to me.

"He's got it bad for you Viola, very bad." Fred said, but I continued walking like I didn't hear anything. Just from his voice, I can hear the sound of a smile all over his face.

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