Treasure Hunt

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Well hello there. im sitting in a car slowly being cooked to cinder. Its so hot n its not even sunny. Damn u global warming. anyways enjoy. :D

~Liam's pov~

I went to wash my face after that. I had to stay strong at least in front of my pack. I returned and saw that the vampires were back. Harry smiled while Zayn and Louis just rolled their eyes. I returned their looks. Just then, I summoned my pack back. They came in five minutes. Just as we were about to leave, Louis stopped us.

"Wait for a minute, I will be back in three.",he said running away in vampire speed.

"Good idea there. ",Harry mumbled. Just as he had said, he came back in three minutes. He wiped the sweat off his forehead (which I dont think was there. Over acting.) "Hard work but, they are gonna be useful.",he said smiling. They? Who they?

Just then, I heard the clanging of metal behind me. I turned in the direction of the sound. At least fifty knights were marching towards us, with shields and different kinds of weapons with them. When they came near, I realized that they were not knights, but only armours with a red glow where their eyes should have been. They stood in front of us in an attention position as if waiting for an order. Louis smiled proudly.

"Impressive. ""Cool ",Jace and Justin said, obviously impressed. Paul and Josh smiled, while Jessica shifted uneasily. I couldn't blame her, they did look as if they could kill you with one slash of their swords, but at the same time, it was amazing. Niall stood there with his mouth open. I think I had the same expression, because Zayn chuckled and said,"Close your mouth, you two. I wont be removing any flies later."I snapped my mouth shut.

"How did ya do it? ",Niall asked still examining them awe.

"Well, its my power. I can put life in non living things. Kinda like alive robots. I would not do that if I were you.",he said to Niall, who was now trying to poke one armour in its eyes.

"We wanna help too.",we turned towards the sound. I had to bite back an 'aww '. All the soft toys of the house were there, with knives in their hands, which I am certain had been brought from the kitchen. One of them also had a bandana on its head and a couple of forks in its hand, while winnie the pooh had had scissors, while he was busy eating honey with his other. A toy tiger was baring its fangs.And, obviously, Teddy was leading them with a knife so long, it actually looked like a sword, and a lid of a bin for a shield.

"Awwwwwwwh of courseee sweeety.",Jessica said in a high pitched voice, making a few of us wince.

"You are amazing, mate.",Jace said, with his mouth open.

"Please. No pictures.",Louis flicking his wrist. Then he chuckled and said, "Thanks. I used to think wolves are bad. Apparently they are not."

"Please. You are just saying that because they complimented you and your toys. ",Zayn said rolling his eyes.

"We are not toys! We are warriors.",the soft toys and the knights said annoyed, which made Zayn step back. Well imagine armed soft toys and dangerous looking armours snapping at you all at once? Yeah, I know. Scary.

"Guys, we better not waste much time now. I have called them for help. They will be here as soon as possible. We better get going meanwhile. ",Anne said walking into the room, followed by Gemma. Both of them did look ready for a war. All of us nodded and we set out with the small 'army 'Louis managed to make.I shifted and my pack did the same,while the Anne winced a bit at the sound of our bones cracking. I flexed and ran out, waiting for others to follow. So now we were marching towards the park, where we last saw Amy. Harry wanted to check if him and his coven could smell any trail that might have been left behind.I ran when it came and leaped over the fence, the vampire climbed over it. The knights and soft toys stayed behind. We came to the spot where we had found the note. They closed their eyes and sniffed.They shook their heads, after a while. Harry looked really sad. I shifted back to a human and put a hand on his shoulder, flinching at the unfamiliar coldness.

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