Chapter 4

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"get up Grace. we have to get ready for school" I hear somebody say

"huh?" I say stupidly

"School.Getting ready. Now. Wake up" the person repeats

I slowly open one eye and see grant kneeling beside the bed

"Goodmorning" he says

"get ready time for school" he continues

"ugh didn't we go to school yesterday?" I moan getting up and walking into the bathroom

after fifteen minutes of fighting my sleep In the shower and another fifteen finding a perfect outfit and another ten putting it on and another twenty doing my hair and another fifteen doing my makeup I still looked like shit

"I look horrible" I groan looking at myself in the mirror

I was wearing a purple tank top under a white unbuttoned shirt that has sleeves that end at my elbow over it paired with black jeans.

as for my hair I decided to put it in a french braid and but on my favorite pair of Nike.

"Grace you look fine" Grant sounded frustrated

"no I don't I look like that dinosaur scientist lady from Jurassic park" I argue

"and what's wrong with that" Grant says smirking

I give him a cold look. so cold he actually shudders

"please Grace I'm hungry" he cried

"fine" I say removing my french braid and pulling my hair into a ponytail and taking off the Nikes and putting on a pair of platforms ....

still no good

"give me five minutes" I say and walk back into my dresser-closet

"not again" I heard Grant mutter under his breath

finally I decided to wear a red top that ends mid-thigh with black leggings, my hair's in a ponytail and im wearing my black platforms

"okay we can go now" I say walking toward the door

"yay a hundred years old" he says liking the door behind us

"ha ha very funny" I say

we walk to the cafè and find Peter sitting at a table with Emma.

we walk over and sit with them for breakfast

"Goodmorning" Peter says

I just give him a lethargic smile

"what are you...why are you... grace. food. from. cafeteria lady. get up." Grant says exasperated

"ugh" I groan

we walk to the platform where the breakfast was being served

I picked up two pieces of toast and took one raspberry jam spread and a butter spread

then I pick up a bowl of corn flakes and walk back to our table and sit down and eat my corn flakes

when I'm almost done with my flakes Grant comes with a plate of everything on the menu

"you eat A lot" I comment as he sits down

"look who finally decided to wake up" he ignores my comment

I just shoot him a smug smile and turn back to my food

"so Emily are you new here?" I hear Grant say

and look up ti face him

"its Emma genius" I smirk

"thanks" Emma turns to me "no im not new I was in the Ireland block last year, and I rejoined late this year so they had to fix me up with you guys" she explained

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