Chapter 5 - Trust Issues

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After a few minutes of yelling you give up. You put your ear against the door to see if you could hear them.

" What did you do that for!" Carla yells at Ashley.

"Guys I lied" she says.

"Lonnie wasn't shot. Steven killed him."

"What how?!" Vic asks.

" After everyone left in different directions I came back to see if Lonnie was still there, and I saw Steven ripping his throat with his teeth." Ashley said.

You move backwards not believing what you just heard. You hear screaming from outside and the door starts banging. The door burst open. But what you see isn't human. It was something inhumane.

You look up at the ventilation system as the creature comes towards you. You climb up and enter the ventilation system.

You eventually reach a drop. You jump down just in front of Vic and Carla.

"What was that thing?" You ask.

"I don't know but I think it took Ashley!" Vic yells in sadness

"Look I don't know what happened with me and Lonnie but whatever it was that did that to him it wasn't me." You explain.

"I blacked out and had a heap of flashbacks. "

"What about?" Vic asks

" Just my old life. Me at a bunch of different ages. But in each flashback I saw the same man with a limp."

"Well how can we trust you." Carla asks.

" You can't but if I ever feel like I am going to attack one of you I promise you I will leave and go far far away where I can't hurt anyone. Just please trust me." You suggest moving forward and he group agrees. Right now you are in a building you no nothing about. You start to search for an exit until you come to a room with a radio in it.

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