Chapter Ten : Torn Top

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One of the sets of eyes staring me down belonged to no other then, Taeyong, the alpha, himself. I glared at him and then turned around back into the kitchen. 

Y/n I don't feel so great. I'm starting to feel fuzzy. 

What do you mean Dalia you are a wolf. Your-

Then I started to feel weird. I started to stumble and my vision started to blur and I couldn't hear but I knew there were voices yelling my name out of concern. I grabbed onto a chair by the island and I held onto it. 

All of a sudden I started to feel hot all over my body and I was itching. I started clawing at my own skin, whimpering. I was so embarrassed for myself. 

What is happening to us, Dalia?

We're going into heat again.

No no no. Not again. I couldn't survive it again. This is embarrassing. I am sure they could all smell my arousal and I looked around and some of their eyes turned dark and lustful. I screamed in pain. Shit. 

Taeyong and Ten were standing by my side. But I kept growling at them not to touch me. When I started stumbling again Taeyong placed his hand on my back, and my wolf lost it. I immediately fell onto my knees and I started panting. I could feel Ten's eyes on me.

"WE NEED HELP! QUICKLY.!" I heard him yell, clearly this time. 

A girl came wondering in. She was gorgeous. She stopped at the scene. 

"Yeri, please help tell us what we can do. What's wrong with her?" 

Yeri ran to me and dropped by my side, looks of concern were reflecting off her eyes and into mine. "She's in heat. But forty times worse. It looks like she's at stage two right now."

I looked up and I saw all the faces from before looking back at me. Some were turned on by the scene displayed before them but there was also concern written in their eyes  too.

This is so embarrassing , Dalia what do I do?

Fuck this. I want dick now, Y/n. 

I looked to my right and the closet person that was near me was Ten, while Taeyong had moved a little to talk to Yeri. This did make me jealous and I didn't know why. I let out my loudest dominant she-wolf growl at Yeri. Letting her know to stay back from Taeyong. The whole room went silent. 

Yeri watched me and tilted her head to the side. She understood and backed away from Taeyong, almost immediately. Taeyong watched as Yeri backed away from him. He was confused. Then Taeyong looked at me and tilted his head to the side as if he was trying to read me. Then his eyes grew big as he finally understood. Yeri looked a little nervous. 

My eyes were boring into Yeri as I watched her. Then I started to feel hot again. 

Dalia wanted to take control. I looked to my right again and I saw Ten and Taeyong looking at each other. I think they are mind linking. 

I started to wiggle more and I was becoming annoyed my heat was eating me up from the inside and I was loosing it. 

"Y/n, we need to take you back to your room." Ten said. He placed his hand on my back and Dalia lost it. I pounced on him. So now I was straddling him. My knees on either side of him as I watched his face. I didn't care who was watching now I just needed this feeling to go away. 

I started rocking my hips back and forth on his crotch. And god it felt so good. I felt like I was in heaven. When I looked down Ten was trying to keep a straight face, me and Dalia got annoyed by this so we started moving faster. He threw his head back so now he was no longer looking at me and he groaned. This made and and Dalia happy so I kept going. Until I felt a pair of hands underneath my arms lift me up and off of Ten. 

I was feeling weak resulting in Dalia taking over. Dalia lost it and started thrashing around. Once she got of the persons grip that was holding her she turned around and growled. A warning sign, letting them know not to touch her again. 

She looked over to Ten who was laying on the ground out of breath. His eyes were burning with lust and he was panting hard. A big noticeable hard on hiding itself under his pants.  I smiled to myself at what me and Dalia did to him. But Dalia wasn't having it. I shifted right there into my wolf form. My white fur flowing in the man made air that was circulating through out the house. My clothes were torn and laying on the ground. 

Dalia, that was say favorite top. I said whining. She ignored me and ran out of the house and into the woods. 

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