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Next day

Ellen’s POV

I took the cats to the vet and was now at the coffee shop waiting for my order, they finally call my name, I thank them and place a lid on my cup before leaving the shop and heading to my car, I get in to the cats meowing from the cat box, obviously not liking being in it and I start heading towards the building, punching in the code to the garage and waiting for the door to full roll open before I drive under it and park the car, I get out gripping the cat box and coffee before heading to the elevator and almost instantly the doors open and Liam steps out, we greet one another before I get in pressing mine and Liam’s floor and finally getting up there, I place the box down by the door and fish my keys from my pocket to unlock the door, gripping the box once again and going into the apartment. I throw my keys on the bench and place my cup of coffee down before kneeling in front of the box, unlocking and pulling open the small gate, the cats run out and bolt straight into my room, I leave them be knowing this was a new experience for such young cats that I can barely call kittens anymore. I head to my laptop after grabbing my cup of coffee and sit on the lounge leaning forward, I wriggle the flat mouse and the screen lights up showing that my file is almost finished downloading, I switch on the TV and put my feet up onto the lounge as I flick though channels. There’s a knock at the door moments later and I raise to my feet before stepping towards the door and opening it to find Louis on the other side, I smile and he does the same before kissing my lips.

“Good morning.” He says and I step aside letting him in.

“Morning.” I reply and close the door, we both head towards the lounge me taking a seat back in my original spot and he sitting beside me, Sassy being the first to join us, twirling around Louis’ legs in a greeting.

“What are you watching?” he asks leaning back, our shoulders touching as he looks at me, I turn my head looking into his mesmerising blue eyes.

“Adds.” He smiles, humour evident in his features, Sassy jumps up on Louis lap, purring as she settles down onto him. “Im just watching music videos.” I tell him and he looks at me, his head resting on the back of the lounge. “I’ve missed you.” I say softly as I reach up and cares his check, he smiles and leans into my hand.

“I’ve missed you too.” He says leaning forward, I do the same and our lips meet in a light kiss, he grips the elephant pendant around my neck, observing it as he holds it in his fingers, “Harry hates you.” I smile.

“I could say the same thing about him.” we lightly laugh.

“And the opposite is said for my mum.”

“Really?” he nods, “I wasn’t sure, after the story we told her I thought she might have though I followed you here.” He smiles and runs his fingers down my arm until he grips my hand.

“I thought the same thing, but I guess we were both wrong.”

“Five days till your birthday.” I state, he nods, “What are you doing for it?”

“I think my mum is organising a big dinner then a couple mate and I are going out afterwards.” I nod.

“You going to get drunk?”

“For the second time in my life, yes.”

“You’ve been drunk before?” he nods.

“On my birthday two years ago, it wasn’t a celebration for my birthday, it was a Christmas eve party, Harry and I both went a little over board, we shouldn’t have even been there.” I laugh.

“That must have been a very happy birthday for you.” He nods.

“After wards not so much, my mum was furious, I was supost to stay at my mum friends with my sisters but I decided to tell them I was sleeping at Liam’s, Harry said the same thing, my mum was working that night, she normally had Christmas eve night off for my sake but I told her it was fine, I woke up in the hospital, my mum was the one looking after me.”

“Your mums a nurse?” he nods, “What did you do to be put in hospital.” He tried holding back a laugh.

“Harry hit my over the head with a beer bottle, we said we would do it on the count of three, only god knows why we decided to do that, but he did it at one and I passed out with a few small cuts on my scalp.”

“Your mum must have hated Harry for that.” He shakes his head.

“Someone did it to Harry when he was laughing at me laying on the ground, my mum looked after us both, we never told her Harry was the reason for me being in the hospital,  I never drunk again after that I always swore I would wait until I was eighteen, Harry not so much.” I shake my head.

“Well this time don’t get one of your friends to smack you over the head with a glass bottle.”

“I’ll try and remember that.” We both smile, “Have you ever been drunk?” I nod.

“Once or twice.” I pause, “Or more than that.” He looks at me surprised. “Tegan and I were the party girls, I guess I could say, Tegan more so but we would be the life of them, she got absolutely blinded every single party we attended, I got drunk but I was still capable. Most of the time.”

“Did your parents know?”

“Oh god no, we told our parents we were staying at Claudia’s, all went well until one night before Tegan passed out she decided to call her mum.” I roll my eyes at the memory, “That was the end of sleeping at Claudia’s after that when we organised to sleep at one another’s houses, our parents would call one another to make sure.”

“How much trouble did you get in?”

“Me?” he nods, “None, they never found out I was drinking, Tegan took the blame and told our parents I just came to supervise, thank Christ I had borrowed a tooth brush from the house and washed away the evidence, also becoming sober fasted by drinking at least three litters of water.” he laughed.

“Lucky.” I nodded, “Have you drank since then?” I shake my head.

“No, Tegan told me because she saved my butt I had to stop, she continued to drink, every so often, every now and again when her parents got drunk she would take some liker but she never got off her face.”

“Didn’t picture you as one to brake your parents rules.” I raise an eye brow.

“I always thought of it as a game. My mum always told me that if I lie she will always find out the truth or if I do something wrong, I will always be punished for it but I tested the theory and she has only caught me out on a few things, most things I keep to myself, after a while most the thinks I have done I come clean about to her but.” I shrug.” Some things I don’t think I will ever be able to tell her.”

“I thought you told you mum everything.” I shrug.

“I tell her almost everything, no one knows me as well as she does. Mostly because she understands the things I have been though, or at least she tries to understand.”

“What have you been though?” I just watch him, “I want to know everything there is to know about you.”

“There’s a lot to know about me, Louis.” he frowns.

“Tell me a fact about you then.” My right eye does its stupid little squint.

“One fact?” he nods, “I didn’t say my first paper word until I was a bit older than five.” His eyes widened slightly.

“Is that true?” I nod.

“Yes, my parents say I was two when I said ‘bub-bub’ but that isn’t exactly a word, I couldn’t talk because I couldn’t use my mouth muscles proply, and when I say mouth muscles I mean my tongue. Your tongue is the thing that makes words and sounds different, and because I couldn’t use it proply I couldn’t speck. Well I couldn’t say real words.”

“How’d you fix it?”

“Speech therapy.”

“What was wrong?” I shrug, “Were your parents told there was something wrong with you.” I nod.

“A few different things.” I shrug, “the major thing wasn’t picked up until a little while later.” I watch him, “You look really pale. Are you okay?” I laugh slightly at his reaction.

“Im fine.” He squeezes my hand gently, “I had no idea.” I smile.

“No one does.”

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