The Kissing Booth

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The Kissing Booth by Reekles

Meet Rochelle Evans. She's sixteen. Pretty, popular, a good-girl and she's never been kissed. Meet Noah Flynn, her best friend Lee's older brother. Bad-ass, violent, and he's a total player. So when Elle and Lee decide to do a kissing booth for the Spring Carnival, she doesn't expect her life to turn upside down and inside out. Elle's going to fight what her heart wants every step of the way. This is Elle's story, and it's going to be one messy, bumpy romance that's nothing like the fairy tales say. But will she get her happily ever after?  

This story is the first story I've read on Wattpad and well.. I gotta say it really got me hooked!

You'll find yourself laughing hysterically at one moment and crying your lungs out the next!

A really great one!

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