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Three weeks, two days later

Ellen’s POV

I sit in the bath, all the bubbles now gone and the water has cooled dramatically, I look over to see the cars asleep on my bed, I run my finger up my nose wetting it slightly as I push my glasses up, there’s a knock at the door and I quickly stand and step out of the large bath, wrapping a towel around my wet body and walking out of my room and into the main room, there is another knock and I finally get to the door, I’m going to look like a wreck, my hair in the messiest bun possible, and wrapped in a towel. I open the door and see Liam standing looking at the ground, his eyes trail up my body for my bare feet before meeting my eyes.

“Hi, sorry if im disturbing something.” I laugh at his slight awkwardness.

“It’s find.” I say pushing hair off my forehead, “What’s up?” I ask.

“I was just wondering if you wanted to come to a party with me tomorrow.”

“Ah, yeah, sure, Im not doing anything.” I smile up at him, he looks slightly relieved, “What’s the party for?”

“They guys I was talking about when we first met, the ones in Australia are getting back today and we’re having a ‘welcome home’ party for them.”

“Oh that’s sweet, ah so what time should I be ready?”

“Around six thirty.” I nod, “I didn’t know you wore glasses.” I gasp slightly in realisation, I haven’t done anything today, I never put contacts in.

“Yeah, ah, nobody really does.” I tightly smile.

“Well they suite you.” I smile.

“Thanks.” I pause, “So tomorrow at six thirty.” I nod and back into the apartment slightly.

“Yeah, ah, I’ll see you then.” I nod and close the door, am I supost to take it that his asking me on a date? A date to a party where im going to meet his friends, I go back into my room and take the plug out of the bath before going into my wardrobe and slipping into pajamas and heading into the main room and collapsing on the lounge where Bandit joins me to watch TV and do exactly what I have done all day which is nothing.

Next day

I wore a mint green dress, white heels, the necklace and anklet I wear every day and a pair of hoop earrings, I slipped my phone into my white clutch and throw my hair over my shoulder to lay down my back before spraying a bit of perfume.

 I had feed the kittens and cleaned their litter before I got ready and it was now almost six thirty, I walked towards the mirror to check my teeth were still clean, even though I cleaned them only twenty minutes ago, I run my fingers through my hair and there’s a knock at my door, I blink a few time after getting a wired filling in my eye caused by my contact and make my way out into the main room and to the door, I open it so find a nicely dressed Liam. His eyes rake my body before his brown orbs meet my multi coloured ones.

“You look amazing.” He complements and I blush.

“You don’t look half bad yourself.” I smile.

“Should we go?” he asks and I nod stepping out of my apartment and locking the door, placing my keys in my clutch, he pushes the button to the elevator and it opens almost instantly, we make our way to the buildings garage and go to his car, he holds the door open for me and I thank him as I sit in the passenger seat. It isn’t long until we pull into a slightly crowded car park and he guides me into a building with quite a lot of people there we head to two guys standing together, Liam introduces me to them, an Irish guy with blonde hair named Niall and a tanned male with jet black hair named Zayn. I learnt that Zayn works at the gym with Liam and Niall goes to school with the two, we stood around talking for a while, pointless talk really, I was greeted by a few people as they came to the boys but shortly after left.

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