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"Mom, i promise i am fine... Yes i have eaten.... Ugh mom... They are all fine.... Mom i know i made a mistake but i didn't have a choice. I understand Mother. I will come visit.... Send my love... I love you too bye"

I have been on the phone with my parents for about an hour and half. That half being my mother alone. I swear mother's worry too much.

She kept asking if i have eaten or used my medicine, I had to promise her that i would come over to the palace to stay for about a week.

I walked to the training area and the first thing i saw made me want to fall with how hard i clenched my thighs. I had to use the air to direct the smell of my arousal to another side where no one would catch the scent.

Grayson was standing there with his hands on his hips supervising the training going on. He only had his pants on so he was shirtless. He was glistening under the sun light as his air shone and his body sparkled with sweat running down his abs that i just want to lick.

I was about to to walk towards him but stopped when he picked his water bottle open. He started drinking but all i could see was the ones that dropped unto his chin and went down his chest.

I only see this on TV but never thought seeing it live right in front of me could get me so hot and bothered.

Mystic was being her normal horny wolf self as she was practically disturbing me to screw training and drag him to the room to jump his bones. Funny though Phoenix agrees strongly with her.

I'm not gonna lie that idea seems really tempting and enticing but i am not going to disturb training because i want to get laid. We had a lot coming so know is not the time.

After i calmed down, i decided to make my entrance.

"What are you lazy ass doing?" i asked

"Did you just call me lazy ass?" Drew asked

"I called all of you lazy ass" i smirked

"You are a fish brain" Dray said

"Fishes do not have brains" i said rolling my eyes

"How do you know?" Michael asked

"Trust me i have eaten a lot of fish head i would know. You should try eating Titus fish, that shit is delicious" i said

"Yeah, she loves fish and i don't know why" Blake said frowning a bit.

"You guys are missing out. In fact i will cook white rice with Titus fish stew for you to eat and no one is backing out" i said smirking when i saw their faces.

"What is that?" Diana asked

My smirked widened "Oh, you will see."

Dinner Time

"Oh my goodness, why did i always say no when you eat this?" Victor asked and i smiled

"Well you were always like 'who cooks stew with pepper and fish?' so you didn't try it" i said shrugging.

"Men you have to cook this again" Victoria said moaning making Toni look at her as his eyes started turning black.

"Hold your wolf Toni, i know that look. Keep that till after dinner." Blake said smirking.

I guess i wasn't the only one who noticed.

'You would know, Gray gives us that look a lot.' Mystic purred in my head.

I rolled my eyes and sighed damn horny wolf.

"Why are you rolling your eyes?" Mia asked

"Don't worry, its just Mystic being Mystic" I said and Gray gave me a knowing look making me blush.

"Speaking of Mystic, when are you going to shift?" Shawn asked.

I sighed again "I don't know, she said when she is ready." i told them shrugging.

As we all spoke, i noticed Drew and Dray were silent but as i turned to them, i burst out laughing.

"Dray, Drew, take it easy, there are seconds if you want." i said sending all the attention to the two who just shrugged and continued eating.

They both cradled the plate to their chest eating it bit by bit as if they don't want the food to finish.

The night wen smoothly as we all sat and joked. We chose to enjoy every bit of each passing day before the war comes.

Hopefully, we come out as winners.

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