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"Yah!"and jimin smack my head really hurts"yah!how could u hurt our little princess?!"jin said

And he turn to me"are u okay?"jin ask while he is holding where jimin smack
And until we heard namjoon"yah!jimin jungkook-ah hyerim ah!your car is here"namjoon said

And the three of us went down stairs and went in to the car..

(At our parents house)

We went in to the house and we meet our parents in the living room

"Mom!"i shout and run to mom"i miss u so much"i whisper at her"i miss u either sweet heart"mom whisper back and i brok the hug and look at jungkooks parents

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Jeon"i said and bow"kids sit and we have something to tell you"jungkook's mom said

The three of us sits and listen

"Hyerim-ah,jungkook-ah.."mom cut what she was about to say and sigh"u both have to get married"mom said said

And me and jungkook look at each other and look to our parents"What?!" Me and jungkook said at the same time

"Wait i cant deal with this..jungkook is a kpop idol.."i said and they sigh"hye rim you dont have a choice u have to" my mom said and i just sigh

"I think about it"i said and i went out and went to the garden

Sorry everyone

U guys waited for so long...i kinda have some u know..so i guess i have to update soon..bye bye

And sorry if its not too long

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