Chapter 2- exciting news!

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Clyde was my designer, I'm a model and tomorrow night would be the Premiere of a film, it was a really big event so Clyde had to choose what I was to wear. He and I bonded straight from the start he's kind of like an older brother to me and was he and Imogen, my best friend since school, were coming with me to the premiere.

"Hey Clyde, what's up"

"Got an outfit just want to see how it fits you then talk hair and make-up to go with it" He was always super organised when it came to his job and always knew things I had to attend before I did.

"Sure, now?" It was 3 in the afternoon now I hadn't really been productive today.

"Yes! And I have some news for you" He sounded a bit excited now, which got me excited! So now I couldn't wait to hear the news.

"5 minutes" and with that I hung up and drove to his house.

I already had his house keys so I let myself in his house. "I'm home!" I shouted as I walked in.

"There's my favourite model" he gave me a kiss on each cheek and a hug.

"I better be" I laughed with him

So Clyde had decided that I was to wear a black jumpsuit with black platforms. And I just HAD to wear a red bra to go with the red bottoms of my shoes. Some times he was too coordinated for me but it kept me organised too I guess. The makeup was going to be natural because I wasn't a fan of layering make up upon make up on my face. My hair was to be straightened so it reached my waist and put into a sleek ponytail. I had no worries about my appearance tomorrow because I trusted Clyde's fashion sense completely.

Clyde was talking about some other events and models who he was working with, I couldn't contain myself anymore. "What's the big news!" I practically shouted in his face.

"Finally you asked me! I was waiting forever gosh" Trust him to wait for me to ask him first.

"Well what is it?" I was eager

"I'm getting married!" I started screaming with him and laughing.

"Oh my god! About time you two got engaged!" I tackled him with a massive hug. He had been dating this guy (his name is Dave) from a coffee shop we went to like two years ago and I always predicted that they were going to get married.

"Well you know it just happened!" He was sporting the biggest smile ever right now.

"Does Immy know yet?" Imogen was the third person in our trio I had known her since childhood and I introduced her to Clyde, she was a interior designer. Quite a big one too.

"No I told her to come here once she's done with work" Because of her reputation celebrities from all over were demanding her to decorate their houses, so she was always busy.

"I'm so excited! It's finally happening! What's the date? Have you even set the date? Wait no how did he propose? Or did you propose? Who popped the question! The venue? Ha-" I was blurting out all the questions about the wedding.

"In order. No date yet, he only proposed yesterday evening. Yes Dave proposed. No venue set just yet." He was laughing at my eagerness.

We kept talking about weddings and Brandy's wedding too since Clyde thought it could give him a glimpse of what to expect. I was bringing him and Immy to the wedding. They loved Brandy and vice versa.

"Immy in the building!" We heard the door open as Imogen announced her entrance.

"Clyde's getting married!" I ran and shouted at her, I was so excited I couldn't help myself.

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