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Week later

Ellen’s POV

I was out in London when I passed a pet store with a small box on a table, two kittens lie in the bottom with a small bed.

“Why are they out here like this?” I ask the lady behind the table.

“There mother don’t want them, the owner brag them in this morning, she told us the mother cat didn’t want to feed these two, only the others.” I stick my hand in and they beg for attention.

“How much are you looking for?” I pause looking in the box, “For both.” I look up.

“There free, they need a home, to be rescued.” I raise an eye brow.

“Really? Wouldn’t you like sell them to someone, they aren’t a cheap bread. Aren’t they Bengal Cats”

“Yes, one’s marble and once spotted, the mother was marble and the dad cat was spotted. But we are just a rescue unit, we don’t sell or buy.” I nod

“I’ll take them.” she smiles.

“You know the basics of looking after kittens?” I nods.

“I had a cat a few years ago from a kitten.”

“Okay, well if you’d just feel out a few things they’re all yours.”

It wasn’t long until I had taken the box and started walking back to the apartment, I don’t know what to name them, I ride up in the life and arrive on my floor, I place the box on the floor beside the door while I unlocked the apartment, before taking it in, I closed the door and gently pulled the kittens out, one by one, I muck around with them for a moment before I remember I have nothing for them, I leave them to explore the apartment while I go down to my car and leave the complex, while I am at the shop I get dry kitten food along with a kitty litter tray, big enough for two cats and grab a random cat toy, I get the kitty litter and a bowl for water and one for food before going back to the apartment, when I get into the garage I open my boot and pack everything into the kitty tray, I was extremely heavy when I got to the elevator an finally the doors open but just in time for Liam to call out and get me to hold the door, he rushes over from his car and steps in.

“Need some help?” he asks grabbing the heavy box from me. “Got a cat?” he asked observing everything.

“Two actually.” He looks amused.

“Only recently got them?” he asked and I nodded.

“Try an hour ago.” He laughed, “Want to meet them?” I asked as we stepped out of the elevator, he nodded and we stood outside my door while I unlocked it, when I got the door open he followed me in, kicking the door shut with his foot, I through my keys on the bench and am greeted by both kittens running out of my room, Liam places the things on the floor and bends to pick them up.

“What are their names?” he asks as he places them both on the bench, patting them.

“ah.” I pause, “Bandit, for him.” I point to the marbled Bengal, “And Sassy for her.” I point to the spotted Bengal.

“Great names.” He laughs, I pat Sassy as she walks towards me on the bench. “Need some help with that stuff?” he asks and we both look towards the kitty litter and tray on the floor along with bowls, food and toys.

“Ah, I think I’ll be right, thanks for the help.” he smiles; I place Sassy on the floor and move towards the things I had just gotten from the shop, I take the kitty litter bag into the bathroom before coming back out to retrieve the tray, placing it between the bath and vanity before half filling it with kitty litter. I head back out and see Liam has pulled out a bar stool and is using the toy I brought, dangling it around the kittens heads making them jump for it. I take the bowls into the kitchen and set them down in the gap between the dish washer and bench, I fill the up with water and food and the cats come running at the sound of their kibble hitting the bowls bottom.

Four days later

I woke up with both the kittens sleeping beside me, I slipped my glasses up my nose as I got up and went to the open plan bathroom in my bedroom, the cats stumbling around my feet and rubbing against my ankles, once I’ve used the bathroom and put my contacts in I make my way into the main room and up to the kitchen, poring two small bowls of milk and placing them on the floor to get the kittens out of the way so I don’t step on them while I make breakfast. Once I am sitting on the lounge and eating Bandit jumps up on the lounge beside me and attempts to drink the milk from my cereal bowl while I watch TV, soon I’ve finished my breakfast and headed into my room and into the wardrobe which is hidden behind the bathroom in my room and got ready. I cleaned the kitty litter and put more kibble in there food bowl before grabbing my bag and keys and heading out the door, Sassy bolting out the door with me and towards the elevator.

“Liam, the cat!” I shout as he is about to get off the elevator, he steps back on and grabs the runaway cat, getting off just as the doors went to close. “Thank you.” I smile taking her from him, I look at what his wearing, “Are you not going to school?” he shakes his head.

“I woke up late.” I nod and open the apartment putting Sassy back in and locking it, “She sure likes to run out.” he says and I nod.

“Let’s hope as she gets older she stops.” I laugh, this is the second time she has done this, “Im sure it’s your fault, I think she hears you leaving or arriving and wants to greet you.” He laughs.

“Well both times I’ve been out there.”

“And she has never done it apart from then.”

“She loves me.” he says as he presses the elevator button for me.

“Well thanks for grabbing her.” I pause, “Again.” we both laugh, “I’ll see you later.” I smile and get on the now open elevator, I press the garage floor and the door closes slowly, I look down at my keys, the small elephant key ring starting to discolour, I slip the key ring that is attached to my apartment keys into my jacket pocket and the doors ding open in the car park under the building, I walk towards my car and drop in after unlocking it and opening the door, I drive straight to school and head straight into my first class.

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