Chapter 19

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I felt sick, absolutely disgusted. Ever since Jasper volunteered to save Maya, he'd been seen as some sort of angel, some sort of saint. People showered him with gifts, treating him like a god, though he was barely good enough to be even a human being. He had done one somewhat heroic, nonetheless stupid act. And they treated him as if he saved the whole bloody mountain. As if he ended some war or something. As if he had the ability to bring them back on the ground again. And it was starting to go to his head. Though not as much as had it been me. It didn't help that random people would come up to congratulate him for his heroic act.

Ever since Maya's near-death incident, we'd become a lot closer. Sure, Maya didn't deserve to be saved by Jasper, but she didn't deserve to die either. Yes, she was grateful that Jasper saved her, and she genuinely seemed worried about him. And I actually started believing she wasn't the bad guy in this whole ordeal. And maybe she wasn't. Maybe she was just some innocent bystander.

I was sitting on my bed, minding my own business, when Jasper came in. He looked more holy than ever before. So full of himself. He came in and started to talk about his latest "accomplishment". He was trying to get the others to follow his steps, getting them to volunteer to do the same. It was sick. Why should we do anything for them? They had captured us, taking us away from family and friends, separating us from the rest of our people. As Jasper had gathered some of the kids, I joined in, curious to how he would manage to convince us to join him in his suicide mission. If he hadn't been so in love in Maya, he wouldn't have done it either. If it wasn't for the chocolate cake, he wouldn't have done it either.

"Guys think about what they've done for us. They gave us shelter, clean clothes, kept us safe from the grounders. Miller, they saved your life, right?" He tried, making everyone listening to him roll their eyes.

"Dude, you puked for three days," Miller responded, making me, along with several others, scoff.

"That was different. The normal treatments wouldn't be as bad," Jasper tried explaining.

"So they say," I said, breaking my silence. Jasper looked at me, slightly disappointed. That's when Monty appeared to hear the rest of Jasper's ridiculous speech.

"So what then, only puking for one day? Yeah, I'm out," Miller said, shaking his head.

"Sorry Jasper, I'm out too," Harper said as well, before starting to walk away, alongside the rest of the troops. Jasper looked absolutely ridiculous standing there all alone, trying to get people to join a lost cause.

"Come on! They gave us cake! I got a sign-up sheet!" Jasper tried, but no one was listening anymore.

"What are you doing?" Monty asked, as the rest had finally giving up. He looked slightly pissed. I would be to if my best friend was a pushover.

"What?" Jasper asked, almost innocently.

"When did you start working for them? You know what, never mind. Now that you're better, we're going after Clarke," Monty said, clearly determined not to stay a second longer than necessary. Monty then looked at something behind me, looking less than pleased. "Of course, right on time." I turned around to where Monty was looking. And there stood Maya, notebook in hand.

"Hey guys. Jasper, I'm so glad to see you're feeling better," Maya said, whilst on the same time holding up the notebook. On one of the pages stood "Act normal, they're listening!!!". It didn't fail to intrigue me. Why where they not allowed to listen? Why did she of all people try to tell us something about her people?

"Thanks, I am," Jasper said, clearly as confused as Monty and me. She then turned the page, revealing a new page. "The breach wasn't an accident follow me!" What did that even mean?

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