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Just for a moment

you let yourself fall.

Down into the alluring clutches

of unconscious bliss.

Your body craves it,

your mind needs it,

you try to resist. 

Slowly you slip

with eyes fluttered close

and breathing steadily slowed

into the hold

of the darkness below.

Just for moment you tell yourself,

drawn to the promise

of a small reprieve

from the horrors of life itself.

Down, down you go,

dragged ever closer

towards the world

of  fantastical dreams.

Something calls you to return

to a conscious state,

jerking to awareness

with rushing blood

and pounding heart.

Like a cord snapping

you are awake,

blinking against the brightness,

deliciously confused.

Shaking your head

you begin again.

Fighting the charm of sleep,

pushing against

what you need to survive.

Still, your mind is racing,

a roar is loud in your ears.

And you can not help but think

of the creatures

that lurk in the dark.

There is news for you,

my friend,

my meal,

my love.

News of a world

in the shadows of death

and the truth of nightmares. 

News that shall come too late.

You will succumb,

my sweet.

You always do.

Believe what you want,

but only our kind

know the enchantment of slumber.

You do not fall.

You are pulled down.

And one day,

you will not be able

to surface for air.

One day,

that day,

we will have you.

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