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Month later

Ellen’s POV

I stand in line at the coffee shop mentally trying to remind myself to send Claudia a massage, it’s here birthday today in Australia but tomorrow over here, after I’ve ordered my coffee, I grab a pen from my bag and wright Claudia’s name on the side of my wrist, pulling my sleeve down and throwing my pen in my bag once im finished. A moment later the lady behind the counter calls my name, I step forward taking my coffee and thanking her, I step out of the coffee shop and start walking towards my car.

“Your Australian.” I hear a male voice and turn to see a guy a few steps behind me, I finally arrived at me car.

“Yes.” I unlock it but don’t get in quite yet.

“Im Dan.” He says out stretching his hand.

“Ellen.” I smile taking his hand and lightly shaking it, “Nice too meet you.” I have been stopped by countless amounts of people asking me where my ‘accent’ if from, most of them leave it at that and say a quick goodbye but I have a feeling this isn’t his intention. “Could I help you with anything, I do have to get going.” I state, I wasn’t lying I was heading to school.

“No, I’ll let you go, nice meeting you.” I smile and nod before pulling open the car door, he starts to walk away, I take a last glance at him before ducking into my car and placing my coffee cup in the middle console before starting it and driving towards the school, I have really enjoyed it so far, we are assigned books to read and review most weeks other times we are asked to right short stories to keep a file of our progress at the school, I‘ve met a few people that I think are really nice, a few of the girls there invited me out to a club one of the first weekends  I was here, then I told them my age, I am one of the youngest in the school which is extremely surprising, most people already graduated high school then came, not many actually left high school to be here, like me. I grab my things out of my car as I make my way towards my first class and head thought he doors, taking a seat in my normal spot, the class isn’t quite full yet but this is one of my favourite classes so far, I open my book and grab a pen to take notes and eventually I am off to my second class of the day. Most days I only have two classes but Fridays I have three, I take a seat beside Kimberlee and Paul who gladly join me in their convocation, they mostly just talk about the people there dating or the people they fucked on the weekend, I sometimes wonder if they have a past together but just leave it as there business and I don’t need to be involved. They tell me that when I turn eighteen there taking me out for the night but im not sure I am going to be in London, im sure I might go back to Australia for the week, catch up with my family and friends, but that’s still a few months away.

“What are you doing this weekend, huh missy?” Kimberlee asks and I shrug, tapping my pen on my blank paper.

“Sleep, call my friends, sleep.” They laugh.

“Why don’t you come out with us, im sure we can get you into a club.” Paul tells me causing me to laugh.

“I don’t feel like going to jail for sneaking into a club.”

“You won’t get caught, it will be fun.” Kimberlee states, I shake my head.

“I’ll leave that to when im the right age thanks.” I got a job at a restaurant a few minutes away from the apartment, the first day they showed me the basics and I was told I surprised them with the way I handle everything, I never told them I had been a waitress back in Australia and they say im a hit because I have an ‘accent’ to me there the ones with an accent, im just me, I let it go all the time not complaining, knowing im not at home and cant exactly tell them there the different one when everyone else sounds like them. The rest of the day goes by, notes being take in most cases before it was one thirty and I made my way home, when I took my jacket off now being warm in the heat of my apartment I remembered Claudia’s birthday when I got a glimpse at the ink on my wrist, I started my laptop and sent her a massage on facebook, a long paragraph sent straight to her inbox, a few moments later I was shocked with the sound of my Skype sending though a call, I noticed it was Claudia and answered straight away.

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