Chapter 6

We arrived at the hospital and I was not allowed in the back. I was so mad. I wanted to tell the family what was going on. Then I remembered, fuck I’m interning here as a doctor. But even then I wasn’t allowed access. That really worried me to no end.  I walked back out and saw the family in the waiting area. “What’s going on Liam?” Grady asked me.

“I’m sorry; I wasn’t allowed to go back there.” I said all upset.  My mind kept flashing back to Mia and what she will do when she finds out. It was at that moment that my phone rang.

“What the hell happened, Liam? We are at a club and Mia seems worse than I thought?”  Haley asked all worried.

“Where are you? There was a problem and I need to go get her.” She gave me the address of where they were and I hung up. I excused myself and ran out of there, like a bat out of hell. In situations like this, timing is everything. I am expecting the worst since they won’t even let me back there.

Once I got to the club. I called Haley so they could come out. I didn’t want to go inside a deal with the crowd. “Liam you ass. You better have a good reason for interrupted my fun.” Mia yelled as she came out and spotted me. I saw the moment my uniform registered. “I thought you had no work today?” She said looking confused.

I walked over to her and cupper her chin. “I need you to come with me.” I looked up at Blake “you too.”

“Liam, you’re scaring me. What happened?”

“I think your father had a heart attack Mia, after you left.” She looked in shock, so I held her hand and led her to the car. Blake yelled out that he and Haley would follow.  “Breath Mia,” I said as I helped her in the car and drove to the hospital. She looked so vulnerable and lost. But she had yet to speak. Once we got to the hospital. I went to her side a helped her out. “Baby talk to me.” I said, as I placed my hands on either side of her face, making her look at me.

“It’s my entire fault Liam. My dad is going to die because I’m a selfish bitch.” She said as the tears started. I held her to me as I rubbed her back.  

“Oh baby, it wasn’t your fault. They didn’t know. None of them knew how great you are. All you did was open their eyes. Now let’s go in and see how he’s doing.”  I still had my arm around her shoulder when we made our way inside.